Author Note: Its been awhile since I've even upload on here. SO here some fairytale of my own from my world I created.

Once a upon of time in a far away kingdom that's everything was covered in flowers and plants. Once there was a King who had charms and has the looks as the sun. He was a content King whom was in love with his beloved Knight who he favor and cherished anything the world. One day as The King woke feeling something wrong but he decide it was merely case of bored-ness when he step of his room. He seen a messenger gave him a note that's explain the other kingdom was going to war with him. As The King grew furious he called his kinsmen and horsemen,even all of his knights. As everybody was there expect for the king favorite,The King grew worry he went out of his kingdom to find him. As he found him in a field of white flowers kissing a beautiful maiden. The King heart shutter into pieces as his heart grew cold and distant. After of years fighting the war as it became to an end as either side not winning,the field was covered in dead bodies for whom has lost there lives in battle or the crossfire in war. Only left was the king and his knight,few others; One night as The Knight wrote a letter to his beloved king with his own blood and ask the king's guard to give it to him when the time was right. The king summon his knight to meet him in the field of white flowers.

As they meet at the field the king ask his knight for a kiss,the knight and gave his beloved king a kiss as he did the king stabbed him in the heart. As the knight fall on one knee coughing he look up at his king see him crying he told the king it was okay he wanted this and he loved him. As he died the white flowers turn black and it begin to snow. The king return back to his castle with emotionless look covered in blood of his lover the guard finally gave him the letter and said it was from the knight. As The king goes to his chamber begin to read the letter saying that he was sorry that he kissed the maiden he only did it to seal a deal with her to bore her a child and leave the kingdom no harm as he was dying from an incurable disease. He wanted the king forgive him for causing him the heartache as he was dying and didn't want him to worry about his foolish life. As the king falls to his knees and begging for god forgiveness as he run his kingdom with stricken with grief and sorrow. Many years later the king died,all his people bury him with his lover in the same spot where the king killed him,they built a statue just for them.

The End