Once a upon of time there was a lonely crow who was lonely all of friends and family didn't like him. He was tired being alone he ran away to see the owl of the forest to ask him for advice. The owl told him there was a dove in garden of roses who was sad and also lonely. As the crow flew over he was in love with the dove at first sight its wasn't lust. It was pure love as the crow apporach him sofly,the dove was spooked and scared of the crow as he flew away. The crow was sad but left,everyday of the year he would try to speak with the dove as the dove grew less and less weary of the crow and became friends and even fall in love with the crow. As the owl grew older and weaker he had a vision of the crow uptimily death as the owl go and warn him. He was strike down an arrow of a man.

The crow and The dove was madly in love as they was surrounded by a bunch of other crows whom was jealous of there love. The crow and the dove flew away quickly as the crow grew tired and wanted to stand up and fight for his love safely. The dove wanted him not to as he tried to stop him he was injuried and fall down. As he watch his beloved fight for his well being as he did. The crow chase them away as he fall to the ground dying,as the dove ran to him crying for his beloved death. The crow told him not to cry for him and stay alive for there sake of thier children. The dove was confused but striken as grief death. One year late The same day and month later the dove gaven birth to three eggs as he remember his lover told them. He smile at the eggs and humming a song for his lover.

The end.