Hope has wings

It flies away before you know it's there

hope is a ghost

Vanishing into thin air

Like super glue

Love is binding

Like headlights

Love is blinding

You learn from fear

It is a teacher

But it takes over you

So it is a creature

Emotions are vases

Shattering like glass

You step on the pieces

as you pass

I've cried along the way

And I can't stop

The tears flow like rivers

As they drop

Hate is like the stray dog

You meet on the street

Once fed it never leaves

And consumes all you keep

Love is a fine line

Like gains and losses

It's definition is different

To every heart is crosses

You must know

What these things are

Before you look

And find your star

You are special

In your own way

So this is your life

And in it you'll stay