A Pain Too Great

My heart is hurting

The tears are flowing

My mind feels broken

For not knowing

The truth was there

Before my eyes

But I just believed

My own lies

Now I swim

In my own tears

From the pain I carried

All these years

I need someone

But no one is here

And the one I loved

I may now fear

Beat so bad

I don't recall

And it still went on

Despite it all

I denied

What was really there

And now I wonder

If he really cared

I only feel pain

And I can't stop

The tears that are falling

The tears that drop

I'm glad I'm leaving

So he won't know

The pain I'm feeling

Cause I loved him so...

I wish I could say

That I've stopped crying

But unfortunately

I'd again be lying

Nothing is working

To stop the hate

That I have for this pain

That is too great

Hey guys. So EntityLvr here. I probably won't do this on most of my poems but mainly on the poems or short stories that have special meaning to me. Such as this one.

I wrote this one when I was going through a really bad time and this was the only way to express how I felt. I made it sometime last year when I discovered something about my past that I just really wish wasn't true. I've come to terms with it and am now able to read this without crying. Writing is always nice but whenever I express myself in poetry, that's what I can truly know what I'm feeling. I'm sure many of you who write poetry know what I'm saying. 3