Series:Uw vs Uw



I remember the day I meet Kaimu "The Woman That Destroy Mankind(4)" who thought of that title

it disgust me she care for her people even a demon like me "The Blood Red Prince"

Yes,I'm a prince but not in the human world,but in underworld.

[Flash Back]

"Catch him before he escaped!"

"Get the Prince!"

"The king going to have our heads!"

I was running so fast from those idiots,they trying to kill me for no reason! I'm so tired

as hell I'm wondering around in the human world with this weird hair color the color of

red, skinny as a thread of a hair,covered in scars,I feel like I'm about past out! The

human are looking and trying to help me! Why? Don't they hate(1) demons and monsters or

inhuman like us? Then I saw a sea bed of blue that was flowing with a little red came up to

me next thing I knew I past out.

Next thing I know I'm in a pretty and girly room,and the lady with sea hair holding my hands,she have a

halo over her head she was my angel that means I'm dead right? No I've have a heartbeat that means...

She The Queen of Human(2) Ocean dear god! She going to kill me for real oh well I rather die in someone

else hands than my parents.

"Hmm,The Red Prince(3) is up...Don't worry I'm not going to kill you too handsome to be killed."

I was relief kinda I forgot to tell you I can't talk only form a few words.

"I see...Don't worry about your parents they are being taken care of? You need!"

She got up and place a tray in front of me I was so happy I just digged in she started combing my

blood hair she has smalls hands,long neatly nails I was blushing I looked away I want to know she did to my

gave me wicked smile I sigh happily.I wish I was her son.

"Hmm prince,You want to be my son?"

I nodded hard,I jump on her lap nuzzled her neck this must of taken her surprise,she just went and hugged me,kissed me on my forehead.

[End of Flashback]

Ahh,that how I meet Kaimu and many others down the line I'm happy to be alive and I never regret it if I did Kaimu would kill me and grounded me for life


Kaimu is a Japanese name meaning:Ocean Breeze

Rojo is a Swedish Word for Red

(1)In the series Humans don't hate demons/monsters/inhumans they want them to come back but not during the war between

Ocean and Sablia.

(2)The Title name for Ocean actually it's her second title in both world.

(3)This First Title of Ocean where in the series a Fortune Teller tells her Destiny and the title came up.

(4)The title for Reddie known as Rojo due to the fact of his hair being 'The Color of Red'