I look up to the sky,

And I wonder if you're looking back at me,

In a beautiful white gown, with soft curls.

I wonder if you're smiling, happy.

Are you glowing, with a halo floating above you?

I wonder if it hurt when you crashed,

I wonder if you knew you were gonna go soon,

I wonder if you know I'm thinking of you everyday.

Is it as good there as everyone dreams about?

Did you meet God?

Do you have wings,

Delicate like a baby, and strong like a mother?

I wonder if you got to tell him, one last time, how much you loved him.

I wonder if you would have spent your life with him if yours hadn't been taken.

But the thing I wonder most of all...

I wonder if you're my angel.

I wonder if you watch over me.

I wonder if it was you who saved me from the crash,

Because everyone knows it,

I should have been gone too.

I wonder, if you're my angel.