Do you remember?

Last year, when the numbers we were trying to figure out were algebra and how many slices of pizza we could eat?

Now, it's how many calories you're eating, and how many guys you can sleep with at once.

Last year, when we dressed how we wanted?

Now, it's dressing to impress the boys.

Last year, when the drama was that she didn't sit with us at lunch?

Now, it's who got who pregnant.

Last year, when the worst word we said was crap?

Now, it's the most venomous words you could imagine, being spat atyou.

Last year, when we would go to the mall, try on silly outfits and run around?

Now, we only go to Victoria's Secret.

Last year, when a dirty look could make you cry?

Now, dirty looks are shot across a room for smiling and it means nothing.

Last year, when getting caught texting was the end of the world?

Now, teachers who catch you are threatened.

Last year, when the farthest you went with a boy was a kiss on the cheek?

Now, it's who can go the farthest the fastest.

Last year, skipping class wasn't ever heard of.

Now, you skip for a quickie, or to get high.

Do you remember?

Having an innocence?

Do you remember?

When we swore we'd never be like those girls?

Do you remember?

Smiling because you were happy, and not to flirt?

Because I do.