The rain,

Falling swiftly to earth.

Warm enough to stay in it,

Cool enough to make you cuddle up to someone.

It hits like little pellets.

Hard enough to let you know it's there,

Soft enough to make you enjoy each drop.

You wrap your arms around me,

I lean into you,

Resting my head under your chin.

I can hear your heartbeat,

Through your shirt…

The thunder rumbles in the distance.


You turn me to face you,

Making me warm and tingly.

I can't help but smile ever so softly,

As your hand slowly and gently tilts my chin up.

Your lips on mine,

Soft and innocent,

Enough to make me melt inside.

Standing in the pouring rain,

Your lips on mine.

Harder now, and adult.

Enough to make me stay, wondering what's next.

Standing in the pouring rain,

Your lips on mine.

The thunder rumbles,

It's closer now.

I relax as you pull me tightly to you,

For one last second of your lips on mine.

I smile as you pull away and take my hand,

I giggle as we run,

Side by side,

For cover,

So your lips, can once again, be on mine.