Night is my escape.

When everyone else drifts off to dreamland,

And I slip out the window.

Going nowhere, but that won't stop me,

From walking the rocky road barefoot,

Trees surrounding me,

Countless stars above,

And the moon guiding my aimless steps.

The air wraps it's cool fingers around my skin as I slide to the ground,

The weight of everything crashing down with me.

All the problems, unspoken words, and spoken secrets.

My screams pierce the air,

Not stopping until my voice is hoarse and the air is emptied from my lungs.

I slip back through the window,

Tear stains on my cheeks,

And still gasping for air.

I slide between the sheets,

And then it's morning.

I step outside to hear the hushed words,

"She's the one who screams at night"

"Do you think she's crazy?"

And my feet propel me,

I go through the motions again,

Blurring everything around me,

Just to slip out of my sheets again,

And be the girl who cries out in the night, once more.