You say I'm depressing,

A waste of space because I'm so unhappy.

You say I'm worth nothing,

A failure because I'm not the smartest.

You say I'm fat,

Because I'm a size 8 instead of 4.

You say I'm ugly,

Because I don't have perfect skin.

You say I'm a lost cause,

"Don't waste your time on her, she'll never change".


Do you hear me?

Do you hear me,

When I laugh,

Til my sides hurt, and tears stream down my face?

Do you hear me,

When I say thank you,

Because someone told me I had beautiful eyes?

Do you hear me,

When I tell someone they made my day,

Because they say they wish they could have curves like mine?

Do you see me,

When I smile,

Because I'm the only one in class who gets the answer right?

Do you see me,

When I walk across the stage,

Being called for graduating with honors?

Only you see me this way.

Only you can ruin me like this.