As I look up, I see the dust,

Floating lazily around the open air as cars speed past.

The sun, lower in the sky,

But not yet painting the sky with pinks and oranges.

The air, fresh,

With a twinge of smoky haze from fires.

The warmth of the day,

Still wrapped around my arms.

I can hear the laughter,

From children playing outside before bedtime.

The grass, green again,

Like it suddenly woke up and became alive again.

The trees, full of vibrant greens again,

Protecting you from the hot rays.

Somewhere in the distance,

There's the faint smell of a lake.

It seems as if as soon as mother nature opened her arms to the warmth,

To the life coming back,

To the long days,

To the freedom that the season bringsā€¦

Everyone else opened their eyes,

And saw how beautiful it was.

Everyone opened their lives,

So they could be free once again.

Summer isn't just a season,

It isn't just full of longer days, and warmth.

It's happiness,

It's fulfillment,

It's laughter and smiles.