A single tear,

Traces it's way down my cheek,

It's path evident against my skin.

I watch it through my reflection,

It's rounded shape, glittering in the light.

I shut my eyes tight,

And more tears flood their way through,

Tracing millions of paths, making my face glint in the light.

They reach my chin,

And as I open my stinging eyes,

I start at my reflection.

My face is red,

My sobs escaping now,

My breathing quickening until I collapse.

I crumple to the floor,

My body heaving with sobs.

As the tears begin to dry,

I stand, frail in front of the mirror,

Knowing that those thousands of paths will never disappear,

But simply scar my face,

Reminding me each time I look,

Of what I am.

Of what I've become.