The book of monsters

To be clear, I have met few of these. I have not come up against those monsters that kill, and I refuse to harm. My house is a sanctuary for those monsters that wish to "blend in" to normal life, so long that they abide by the following rules:

No harming me, my family, and others that do not deserve harm

Deliberately scaring those in this household is not allowed. Pranks, however, are allowed so long that they don't cause bodily harm (ghosts included).

There is to be no deaths, including accidental.

There are to be no bets on ghost fights.

There are to be no ghost fights

Monsters are to follow their regular schedule of protecting/scaring.

Holidays are on a monster's "birth" day, weeks of Easter, Christmas & Boxing Day, and New Years Eve/Day.

There is to be no deliberate destruction of the house (TV's/lightbulbs not included in this rule).

Other monsters that wish to join the house must talk to me first.

Nine simple rule that are easy enough to follow. This is what I've learned so far about all of the monsters I've been told about and have met.