The Night Man

Name: Night Crawler

Monster Job: To scare people

Mistakenly Called: Fear

When Jessie is out of the house, Night Crawler is in. He enjoys freaking people out and often causes lightbulbs to break. He only usually comes out at night, and prefers bedrooms – but he can't harm anyone in bed due to Joey's presence. Nobody really knows what he looks like and why he exists, but he is known to be the cause of the shadows that children are afraid of.

Note: Crawler absolute hates Joey and Jessie for their job as protectors of children.

What to do when you're afraid:

Considering that the other monsters hate or don't talk to Crawler, he is understandably lonely and bitter (but I don't recommend trying to talk to him, as he is surprisingly eternally angry at humans). I'd suggest keeping a small pet in your room for him to talk to (a goldfish or a guinea pig), not to mention that he shouldn't harm you if you have something watching you.

If that doesn't work, call Jessie

If that doesn't work, call Joey

If that doesn't work, ensure that you're room has a mirror, say "Bloody Mary" three times, and step out of the room for an hour or two. Night Crawler is very afraid of Mary, and she is bound to send him away.