.:mirrors are a girl's best friend:.



"The fear of an unknown never resolves,

because the unknown expands infinitely outward,

leaving you to cling pitifully to any small shelter of the known:

a cracker has twelve calories; the skin, when cut, bleeds."

- Caroline Kettlewell, Skin Game



Mirrors are a girl's best friend.

They don't lie,

don't defy,

the surface circled by dry

flakes of gold

like fairy dust

just daring you to be

a little more bold.


You have a mirror.

It's tall enough to see

a knobby knee,

fat hanging too free

just begging to be

pinched away

just pleading with perfection

to come in and stay.


The mirror reflects your eyes.

Sadness long frozen,

path chosen,

determined to be unhappy

because Ana says so,

and she's there in your head,

directing your dark thoughts

to your body down below.


The mirror is all Ana has left.

She works off of illusion,

stirs in confusion,

until you believe the delusion

that you'll never be

good enough,

never worth enough,

unless you set yourself free.


The mirror is all Ana has left.

But you have much more,

great plans in store,

and they're just waiting for,

your heart to see,

that the mirror is all Ana has left,

and she fears that one day you'll realize

that there's so much for you to be.