Bill Travis was at the bar with his friends from out of town when they were discussing what they have been doing for the past years. One of his friends, Wilt was telling stories of his sexual exploits when Bill became impressed on how he was able to "...bang several chicks that night in Vegas!"

Unimpressed, Bill then said, "How long have you been banging chicks?"

"Since highschool, it was a man's man," said Wilt with a smile.

Bill said, "Oh really, I've been doing this since I was a kid, its a way for me to stay strong."

His friends looks at him and his friend Mark said, "You have been doing this since you're..."

"5, my parents thought it's a good time to start."

Wilt laughed and said, "You're kidding right? There's no way a kid that young could have been messing around with c-"

Mark cuts in and said, "Actually, in Peru there was a five year old girl w-"

Then Bill interrupts and said, "See? I knew I'm not alone! What Wilt did isn't anything special, still it is a fun night we're having."

"Yeah," said Mark.

Wilt sneered and said, "Too bad you're the only one who is a vir-" as he gets punched in the face by Mark.

Later that night as Bill drove his way back to his farm, he went to the barn, picked up a mallet and said, "Time to pound some more chicks!"