Chapter 12: To Be a Gentleman

"Kyle, you're supposed to be a gentleman, aren't you?"

The brunette boy suddenly raised one eyebrow at his girlfriend's question. He shrugged and answered back without much thought. "I wouldn't be your boyfriend if I weren't, now would I?"

Kiara fought the urge to smile and roll her eyes.

She might as well have a little fun with this.

"And do you intend on keeping that title? You are insufferably rude and—"

He cute her off, babbling something about him being hot and how she can't take his eyes off of her and how she could be a little more creative with her choice of words.

"Why you—"

He smirked, leaning back in his chair. "Is this where you call me an intolerable little—"

"Stop interrupting me will you!" Kiara burst storming right after.

Kyle, knowing he'd gone a little too far, chased after her contemplating his next action. He found her underneath their favorite tree crying her eyes out. This is the first time he'd made her cry.

When he was close enough to her, he heard her mumble something very quietly. "This is what I mean Kyle. I'm used to your teasing, that's what makes us, us, but you took it to far. You are a gentleman; I know that it my heart."

Kyle took a deep breath before responding, hoping his words would come out right.

"I can stress how much I love you Kiara. And I'm mentally beating myself up for hurting you that much. You didn't deserve that. Forgive me?"

Kiara suppressed a giggle, wiping her face clean of tears. She stood up on her tip toes, bringing her lips to his cheek.

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