"What's your problem?! Huh?"

Quin's mom stopped at the foot of the door, slowly turning to face her son. His dad stood in the background, swearing at Quin silently. Did he want to piss her off even more?

"Excuse me? Don't you give me attitude little boy! See that! That's not your phone, that's my phone, not yours! I can throw it on the ground if I want too! If you wern't so damn lazy, you could be earning your own fucking phone! But your immediate response is to try and get out of earning it?! What? You want us to just give it to you? No! I'm sick-"

"Wha-no! Your right, no!" Quin shouted. "If it were broken, or 5 years old, then go ahead! Have me earn a replacement! But that phone that you just threw on the ground? It's fine, last time I checked! I'm not trying to get out of work, I'm trying to figure out why you've waited for Dad's last phone to be unusable, mine to be unreliable, and yet you replace yours whenever you feel like it!"

"That's none of your fucking business! The problem here is that your too fucking lazy to get off your ass and earn something for once! What, I'm selfish and buying myself nice things? Who pays the bills around here jackass?! Your Dad and I! You? You don't have shit! Your nothing! You understand me little boy? You. Are. Nothing! Understand?"

"Yes. I am nothing."

"No, do you really fucking understand?!" Quins mom moved to slap him, but he calmly grabbed her wrist, then slammed her against the wall.

"Hello, Danielle." He seethed. "You know, it would be sad if this little boy, this nothing killed you right now. But it looks like I've got more self-control than you do. So maybe this nothing has something on you after all."

He let her go, and then turned to his father.

"You wanted me to go clean off the porch. I'll go do that." He said in a flat, monotone voice. Levi just nodded, helping up his sobbing wife.

The next day, Levi got home with his son nowhere to be seen. But on his door, their was his cellphone, taped down to the wood, along with a note that read "Voice 05." He unlocked the phone, and pulled up the voive recorder. Levi then selected the 5th recording and pressed play.

Hello, Dad. By now I hope you've guessed that I'm not here. I also hope you want to know why, but if I win, you most likely don't.

The rules of the game are simple. You must find me within 72 hours after 3:30pm to win. You may use any resource neccesary to win.

If you don't find me in the three days, however, you must take the hint at the end of this recording, and use it to guess what my fate is. I know you hate puzzles, Dad, so it should be fairly easy.

You say I'm nothing to you? Lets put that to the test.

Mockingjay, Chapter 9.

Levi, fully panicked now, runs to his office and scans through Chapter 9 on his audio copy of Mockingjay until something caught his attention:

"-coming to the tree, wear a necklace of rope side by side with me.

Strange things did happen here, no stranger-"

Levi pauses the audio book, and vomits all over his keyboard.