We were a glass menagerie. Every one of us a different piece. Each of us was so delicate and intricately crafted. A single push in the wrong direction could send us all toppling and crumbling into a million tiny pieces. We promised one another that we would never let that happen. We stood close to each other, managed to find ways to touch without breaking. We were all so happy. The unique pieces of a uniform set. We fit together perfectly. But nothing stays perfect for long. Something always comes along to wreck it. Soon we began to feel friction between our brittle bodies. We began to push the other delicate forms aside to make space for our own egos. We created cracks and scratches in the once perfect glass menagerie. The uniformity we once shared had shattered. Our differences were showing. We felt irritated with one another. Picking fights at every opportunity, hurting the others had become a hobby. We didn't want to talk to each other anymore, it had become habit to do so. It was nothing new, the same mundane routine, over and over again. We weren't friends anymore, we were just strangers with glass-coated memories; I didn't know them anymore. Then the day finally came when we all began to realize what I had already come to terms with long ago. We all knew it in our hearts for a while, just didn't want to accept it. We knew we weren't worth much alone, but together we made a beautiful glass menagerie. We struggled so hard to keep it intact. Our dignity, our worth, our value. But it meant nothing compared to all of our egos. So we all decided to go our separate ways, we meant to do so peacefully, I swear. But something (as always) got in the way. To this day, I cannot pinpoint it with the tip of my finger, but whatever it was, cost us everything. What little hope we had of possibly surviving had disappeared, arrogance took over our once prosperous abode. Our already cracked forms toppled over one another and we all fell to our deaths. The shattered pieces of scintillating glass lay beside one another, oozing betrayal and bitter regret. What was once a beautiful glass menagerie, now lay gathering dust in a corner. The shiny little pieces staring the others down, never to be unified again.