This Solemn Hour

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Went Dani's alarm clock, the only thing which she had actually taken out of one of the many boxes in her room. She laid on her mattress, still without her bed frame from the move. She stared blankly at the white flaky ceiling, her long black locks strewn across her pillow. Her grey eyes closed, and then slowly opened. The day, was uneventful. Boring at the most, but that was something Dani was used to. She was used to being alone with nothing to do. It was just the way her life had become to be.

Her thoughts began to wander to her aunt, her mother's sister to be exact. Dani was currently living with her aunt, like she had been doing for several weeks now. It wasn't long before her aunt was promoted, forcing them to leave her hometown into a smaller one. Jobs, that was always what kept Dani's family away. Her aunt was at work at the moment, leaving Dani alone in their new home. Dani had recalled her aunt mentioning that she had to make a stop before coming home, so she could enroll her in her new school. 'Oh joy.' was all Dani could think. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Dani slowly turned her head to the annoying disturbance, and sighed when she saw her phone vibrating.

She pulled her thin form off the mattress and walked across the room to a stack of cardboard boxes, which was where her phone was laid. She scooped up the phone, pressing the 'green' button in the process. "Hello?" she deadpanned. "Oh, hey Dani! I was just calling to see if you were alright." the voice spoke back. Dani sighed, tired of the conversation already. She was speaking to her aunt. "I'm fine". "O-Oh, is that so? Well, did you need me to pick up anything on my way back?" her aunt said nervously. "No." Dani replied, beginning to lean on her left leg. "Okay, well bye". With that, Dani hung up the phone and retreated to her mattress, ready to fall into a deep slumber. She had nothing to look forward to tomorrow. She was going to school after all.

Dani woke up by her alarm the next morning, and silently got ready for school. The house was empty, excluding Dani. Her aunt was at work no doubt. Dani brushed it aside though, and walked to the kitchen. Posh tile greeted her as she walked through the doorway leading to the gorgeous kitchen. Dani wasn't impressed to say the least. As long as she had somewhere to call 'home', she was fine. Pushing unpacked boxes aside, Dani made her way across the kitchen so she could reach the island. The island had caught Dani's interest as she saw a white piece of paper laying on it.

The hand-writing was neatly written in cursive, proving to be her aunt's handwriting. Her aunt had written two addresses on the paper. The first being her new school's and the second being- Dani frowned at the sight. The second address was the address to where her mother was currently staying. 'The Institute for the Unstable' is what people called it now-a-days. In simpler terms; a mental hospital. The same one that her father was in before he committed suicide. Dani wanted nothing to do with that place, afraid she might be there one day. This was the reason why Dani didn't work hard in school, she was afraid she'd become overly stressed like her parents did, and then begin to slowly but eventually, lose her mind.

Dani frowned once more, and crumpled the paper before throwing it in a trash bag. She walked out the front door, school bag in hand, only remembering the first address. The same address that she repeated to herself as she walked to it. Her feet didn't make a sound as her sneakers hit the pavement. Dani turned a corner, bypassing small corner stores. She stopped at a crossing light, before continuing on her way. The walk wasn't long, thankfully, and soon she was in front of a massive brick building.

Dani sighed as she walked through the glass doors. Her eyes examined her surroundings, searching for a sign that led her to the front office. Sure enough, she found one floating right above her head. Dani followed the directions of the sign and found herself in a small, cozy office. Dani eyed the woman at the front desk, waiting to be noticed. A few minutes later, and Dani was still invisible to the woman, she spoke up. "Excuse me." she said, startling the young woman. "Oh my! Goodness you scared me! Phew, anyway, is there anything you need dear?" the woman asked, her name being 'Betty' according to the tag on her blouse. "I'm a new student. My name is Dani Foyer." Dani spoke to the woman, adjusting her bag's straps. Betty nodded, "Yes, I was told there'd be a new student! Welcome! Here is your schedule and a map to help you get around." Betty handed Dani two slips of paper. Without even as much as a thank you, Dani turned on her heel, and left to go to her first class.

Her classes weren't hard to find, so Dani managed to locate each one perfectly. Her first class had ended, as did her second. She was currently sitting outside, under tree. It was lunch time, and she was watching the students chat amongst their friends, obviously enjoying themselves. Dani had already managed to seclude herself from her fellow peers and classmates, so she was only given the option to sit and watch. Dani didn't like to be alone, but she began to think that was how it was supposed to be. Her self-pity was a bit much, but that was just her out-look on these kind of situations.

Dani tensed as she felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned her head and was met with a smiling brown haired, and blue eyed boy. He looked to be around her age, 16. The thing that surprised Dani the most was, he was her. "Hey there!" he said happily, waving at the now confused girl. Dani looked around, making sure that this boy was talking to her. At this, the boy chuckled. "Yes, I'm talking to you!" he said, causing Dani to stop searching for the nonexistent person. "Yes?" Dani asked solemnly.

The boy bit his bottom lip, "You're new here right? Well, I'm Ty and you are?" he asked, reaching out his hand. Dani glanced down at his hand, as if it was a offending her. She looked back into the boy's eyes, "Dani Foyer." He sheepishly pulled his hand away and smiled, "Really!? That's an awesome name!" Dani dismissed the compliment and raised an eyebrow at Ty. "Do you need something?" she asked. Ty stopped smiling, and looked at Dani seriously, his childish manner momentarily receding. "I thought you looked lonely. So, I came over to say hi." Whatever hope Dani had for friendship quickly diminished, 'Just to say hi?' Dani sighed and down casted her eyes, "Is that all?"

Ty's eyes sparked with happiness again, "Nope!" Dani's eyes quickly shot back up to look at Ty, "What?" she asked. Ty started to rub his neck, a small blush forming. "I-I thought that we could be friends. I mean, you look pretty cool and uh...friends?" Dani ran through the word in her brain. Friends. It was so simple, yet so difficult. The word, it was so foreign to her. So much as it was almost invisible to her when she opened a dictionary and looked for it. She opened her mouth, ready to test the word, "Friends?" was what rolled off her tongue. Ty gave her toothy grin, "Yep! That's what I said!" Dani then found herself doing something that seemed like taboo. She smiled. She smiled at Ty, the boy who brought her back to life.