A/N: Yo. This is my first fic on FPC, though not my first original fic. I'm not a new writer, I just write primarily fanfiction. This came about because a friend of mine, Mia, told me about a scene from Junjou Romantica, I think it was? But yeah, a scene from Junjou Romantica where the guy wakes up, naked in his boss's bed. That's all she said. So I decided to write that scene. And this was born. I'm not a big fan of how I ended this, but it works, and that's all I really care about.

The names were stolen from the manga Liar Game and the anime/video game Hakuoki. However, these are NOT those characters. Also, do we need disclaimers here?

Happy reading. :)

Next Time

Saitou woke peacefully. He felt the remains of a sense of absolute ecstasy and wondered what had caused it. He opened his eyes, smiling slightly, and stretched his body.

Saitou froze as his arms came into view. They were covered with bruises and small, dark, red marks. After a moment of blurry-eyed confusion, he was able to identify them as hickeys. He tried to remember if he had brought someone home the previous night, but it was still too early in the morning to think.

The room he was in finally registered in his brain. He had never been in this room before in his life, he was certain of that. Had someone taken him home last night, then? A vague memory stirred there, but it was slightly out of his grasp. He sat up, absently noting he was naked and covered with hickeys, and tried to grasp the situation.

And then an attractive, young male walked into the room, dressed only in a light blue bathrobe that was tied around his waist and carrying two mugs of coffee, and Saitou's rational thought flew out the window. "Takayoshi-sama," he stuttered, out of reflex. Well, shit.

Takayoshi Miura—Saitou's boss—smiled. "Come now, Saitou. Surely we are beyond honorifics?" He sat down on the bed, near Saitou's legs.

Saitou attempted to back up, but stopped when his lower hips and butt twinged in pain. He blushed furiously as he remembered why his lower body hurt so much. "Takayoshi-sama," he began, not quite knowing what he was going to say.

Miura's smile turned a little sad, and he leaned toward Saitou to put the coffee mugs down on the nightstand. "I know what you're going to say, Saitou. This isn't right, it was a mistake, you didn't mean to do this, it just happened, we shouldn't do this…something along those lines, am I correct?"

Saitou stared at Miura for a moment as all his thoughts were pulled from his mouth. Then he nodded silently.

Miura stood up and grabbed one mug from the nightstand. "More's the pity; I thought we might have been able to have a relationship. I'll leave now, Saitou-san, and give you your privacy. There's a bathroom through that door, if you'd like to use it. I hope you will join me for breakfast, but if you'd like to just slip out quietly, I'll understand." He moved towards the door.

But Saitou's mind was racing. Was it possible that, perhaps, Miura had feelings for him? Saitou knew of his own love for his boss, but he had never dreamed that Miura could, maybe, love him back. "Miura-san, wait," he called, and Miura turned around, waiting expectantly. Saitou hesitated for a moment, then decided to forge on ahead. After all, Miura could hardly fire him for this. "I…Next time, I get to top," he said boldly. He crossed his fingers underneath the bed covers.

A wide grin appeared on Miura's face. "Of course, Saitou! Come join me for breakfast. I'm making pancakes!" He seemed to nearly fly out of the room.

As Saitou climbed out of the bed, he smiled too. For once, his prayers were being answered.