Vanderbilt-Richards, Annaliese Erika; aged 16

16 December 2008


This is just what Alex expects me to do. Cry.

I have nothing against my older brother though. He loves me enough to warn me about dickheads like Logan, and Alex reckons that they'll all just get my heart broken.

As usual, Alex was undoubtably correct.

He's a idiot most of the time, yes, but when he says he's right, then by george, he is.

Currently, he's inside my room, talking about how he's going to beat Logan's "sorry ass to his next 7 lifetimes."

"He's not going to get away with that accusation, Anniepie. If Kenan and Jesse were here, they'd be helping me atomic wedgie him in the 3rd floor boys' locker room." He said. He was also pacing. I hate it when people pace in front of me. That's more like my thing. But fortunately, I am currently bawling my eyes out, under my pillow, too caught up crying to register what my older brother just said.

"I mean, you don't even like Kenan in that way do you?" He stopped pacing at this point. I stopped bawling as well.

'I don't, do I?' I thought. I started crying again.

"WE WERE TOGETHER FOR ALMOsT 2 YEARS, ALEX!" I screamed from under the pillow, although I think my words came out close to gibberish so I removed the pillow. "If he wasn't too thick, he might've noticed we were together that long." Yes, like my brother, my ex was an idiot. Even more so.

I started crying under my pillow again by this point.

Alex let out an exasperated sigh, massaged the bridge of his nose, and mumbled something like "I'm no good at this.."

"We've been here before, An." He said.

'Yes, brother, yes we have.' I thought bitterly.

"And I told you the same, exact thing." He continued. I braced myself.

"Logan, much like Skylar," my other ex, "is a dickhead." I started to imitate him now.

"And dickheads like them, get the hearts of girls like me, broken." I finished for him.

"Exactly." he nodded. I can tell that he was proud that he drilled this in my mind, seeing as he had been giving me this talk of his for the past 4 hours, 5 hours after I had locked myself up in my room. And he still was, but I learned how to tune him out.

As I was still a bit too distracted, I didn't realize that Alex had stopped talking.

"Alex?" I said from under my pillow. No answer. Weird.

I tried again, but this time, I stole a peek. "Alex?"

Oh, I saw my brother alright. Standing by my door, back away from me, looking up at another person who apparently just came in my room.

"Edvark?" He hated it when I called him that. "You ok bro?"

He was still rooted on the spot, so I decided to do something about it.

Woah. I sat up too fast, and the world was spinning. Bad idea.

I was still wobbly when I got up and approached my brother. Were it not for the lightning reflexes of the other person, my face would have had an intimate connection with my floor.

The dude, yes he was a dude, caught me mid-fall and helped me again to my feet.

"You alright, miss?" he said in a Spanish-y accent.

I held my head as my vision was still spinning.

"In a bit maybe." I tried to walk back to bed but I tripped. On my own feet. Lord Zeus, can this day be any more unlucky.

Thank heavens, Spanish-y accent guy caught me by the arm again.

"Thanks." I mumbled.

"It's no problem." He replied and helped me to my bed.

Who is this dude? It hit me that I haven't actually seen his face.

When I looked up, I had the surprise of my life. I instantly forgot everything that had transpired in the last 10 hours.

I now understand why Alex would be still as a statue, not hearing a word that I said to him. We could not have handled the situation any better. Oh, the guys at school would not believe me if I told them who was currently standing inside my room.

"Hi." He smiled and extended a hand. "I'm-"

"Oh, I know who you are." I said, too starstruck to do anything. And if it wasn't for my older sister, Andria, entering the room, Alex and I would have remained in this state.

"Cris! There you are. Cesc thought you lost your way to the loo." I heard my sister say. "What are you doing here?" She continued, and was shocked to see us. "And what happened to these two?"

HOLY DEAR LORD. What was my sister thinking when she brought Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest football players in the world, home?

"I don't know." Ronaldo replied. "I came in knocking, thinking this was the bathroom, but when that guy opened the door, he just froze. And then this girl came walking, almost fell, I caught her and she froze."

My sister was waving a hand in front of my eyes. My brain was still deciding if what was in front of me real or just a hologram. My arm moved on its own accord and poked Ronaldo in the eye. Yet another bad idea.

"OWWWWWW!" He screamed and jumped away from me.

"ANNIE!" My sister screamed incredulously. "That's not how to treat a guest!"

My brother had already snapped out of his stunned state and continued to talk like nothing happened.

"Woah, Anniepie. It's kinda weird this story I'm about to tell, but there was a knock on your door, so I opened it, yeah? And guess who it was! Cristiano R-r-ro...OH MY GOD."

Yes, there he was, in the flesh.

Cristiano Ronaldo in the corner of my room, nursing his right eye, which I poked, with my sister patting his back, sending me death glares. This was not how I pictured myself meeting one of my idols for the first time. Just far from it. Did I mention that my brother and I were big fans?

Welcome to my twisted fantasy.

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