"Athena, wake up!" I heard my little sister yell from outside my door. "Time for school!" she continued to yell while banging my door. I hate school I wanted to scream back. I decided to roll out of bed and see how my hair responded to my night in the mirror. My brown curls actually looked good today, for the first time in a while. I still had bags under my blue eyes though. Oh well. I grabbed my blue jeans from the floor and slid them on. Not really caring about what I was wearing, I just left the shirt I wore on and put on my blue converse. I headed out the door before placing a kiss on my stuffed owl, Olive. "Well about time" my sister's high pitched voice rang through the kitchen. "I'm up, what else do you want from me?" I said, while stifling a yawn. "Barely, come on let's go" she remarked while grabbing her keys from the kitchen countertop.

I stared out the window, not paying attention to what my sister was going on about. It's not like I hate her, it's just I don't care what she says. I guess it's just a teenage rebellion phase. I should probably respect her a little more; she is all I have left. My mother died of a fatal disease, and my father bailed when he found out he would have to pay child support on my sister and I. To be honest, I hated my father. He would just give out this creepy, distant vibe. Plus he gave me and my sister stupid Greek goddess names.

"Well are you just going to sit here?" my sister said pulling m out of my thought process. "Sorry, see you at home, Aphrodite," I said while grabbing my stuff and getting out of the car. She waved as she pulled away, forcing me to walk to the hell that was school. I don't mean to sound ungrateful because I hate school. It's just I am already smart enough to graduate; my principle even asked if I wanted to. I always declined, because I wanted to stay a junior with my boyfriend, Jason. Jason is very smart and good looking. He's not athletic or anything but he is captain of the chess team. I know, it's lame, but we been together since 7th grade and it has been amazing.

Spaced out again, I didn't notice Jason, who walked up and put his arm around me. "Hello my goddess of wisdom," he teased. He loves to make jokes of my name."Hey babe," I said before pulling him by the shirt into my kiss. I held out the kiss for a while, by the time I stopped he had his hands in my hair. "Hard weekend?" he asked breathlessly. "Just missed you, skip first block with me?" I asked. "Whatever you want goddess" he said before dragging me off to our usually skip place.

"What the hell Athena!" Aphrodite screamed in my ear. "I am sick of you skipping your first class to screw with Jason behind basketball scoreboard!" she went off in the usual rant about how I should be careful about getting pregnant and blah blah blah.I am always careful, and haven't had any problems in the past year. She needs to chill. Besides, sex is the only escape I have. I love Jason and everything but sometimes talking isn't enough. Sometimes I need to get out of my head and do something fun for a while. And boy, is sex fun with Jason. It's my only escape in this cruel world I know as life. Call me a slut if you want, I just need a release. One of the many things about being a normal girl of wisdom.