What Does He Have?

Whom does she see?
Him, not me
And I cannot fathom, however hard I try
The vaguest reason why

Do my eyes speak too softly?
Or do I scream too serenely?
Each time that I'm with her, however loud I call
She sees no lover's fall

Her face haunts my heart
Every second we're apart

He flashes a smile and a winking eye
And though I long to echo, I dare not try
Vexed and perplexed, I am left behind
Every day, I long to speak my mind

The weeks go by and I begin to rot
He has something special that I have not
And I cannot fathom, however hard I wish
The slightest hint of what I miss

In all my years of pain and delight
Someone never felt so right

Nothing makes any kind of sense anymore
Only confusion and bewilderment bore
Through my muddled heart, so sore

Mindlessly to him she seems to cling
I know not what he has that I'm missing
Nothing can save me from my lonely fate
Everything I wanted is his; I am too late