Fragments part 1 – Ame

The meandering rain slipped down against the glassy window like tears. The angry lightening flickered in the sky putting what was left of the mournful sunlight to shame. Imaginative people might really think that the sky was crying, might as well said that it was moaning even, letting out blinding tempers of both nasty hiccups and tears. Good for them. At least with such interesting metaphors life won't be so boring for them, won't be as lonely…


I didn't know why rain portrays loneliness that much, why people always associate it with the other as if it is the truth of the world. Perhaps, rain really looked like tears and lonely people cry.

I didn't. No matter what they said, I didn't, yet loneliness was what I felt that day as I sat on a wooden chair by the window staring at the endless rain outside, a glass of hot tea in one hand.

"What are you eating, Aki?" a gleeful voice asked and I tore my sight away reluctantly from the window to a petite form on my bed, two lively feet rose high upwards, revealing a rather smooth pretty figure beneath the fluffy skirt.

"I'm just having my tea," I said and took another sip of the hot tea ignoring her.

"How boring, I thought you are having cup noodles," she said.

"Baka." Anybody could have told the difference.

The silence lingered and I stared back at the dark sky silently as she hummed one of the crazy tunes of hers. The light suddenly became dimmer colouring the entire room with shades of grey. Those wretched tears, they just won't stop and it would be raining the entire day for sure. "Naa, Akari…"


"Why did you come here?"

She grabbed onto my pillow burying half of her face in it as she turned at me. "Theheehee," she laughed. "I always know that you will feel lonely in this kind of weather."

I stared boredly at her ugly half-squished face for a couple of second before I drank my tea again. "Akari, go back."

"Nande?! I came here just to accompany you!" she protested pouting like a child.

"My roommate will return in a few minutes, I don't want her to find out."

"Like she will find out," she said.

"She will if you stay."

"But, will it be that bad if she does?! If she yells at you or treats you badly I will-" CLICK. The key's turning. Someone's at the door.


"Tadaima," a voice was heard as the door opened. "Gee, what was that sound just now?"

"Okaeri, Asako. The tissue box just slipped off my hand." I bend down a little pretending to lift the tissue box I had earlier grabbed from the table back to its place. Just then, I saw a small hand came out from under the bed pulling in the remaining scruff of skirt out of sight. Baka onna da.

"Oh, is that so?" Asako went straight to her own bed, collapsing onto it, ignoring the somewhat wet clothe she had. "Ah, I'm so tired," she moaned before turning back at me. "How was the lecture?"

"I skipped my class," I said.

"Really?" Then, she said nothing more. After killing a few minutes on the bed, she rushed for some clean clothes from her closet and tugged them all in her bag. She took some of her books afterwards.

"Are you going out?" I asked carefully eyeing her as she packed.

"Yeah, my boyfriend is waiting for me downstairs."

"I see." That means I'll be alone again tonight. "Don't forget the umbrella. It will be raining until evening."

"Thanks." She was already standing at the door when she said it. "Well, don't wait for me, okay?" She smiled and I smiled back at her. The door was shut and she was gone. I sighed as I heard her faint footstep dying away.

I heard some disturbing scratches after that; a reminder of the previous episode. I sighed, looked down at my feet and saw Akari emerged from under the bed, a wide idiotic grin on her face.

"Nee, Aki-chan?"


"The way you cover things up…" with a cheerful voice and a rather innocent smile, her hair was a complete mess, thick with silver dust and thorn spider webs. "It sounds like you are having a secret relationship with another girl."

"Shut up, Akari."