Hey readers.

I made this story for a English class where I had to take a story and make it my own but with a twist, just like Disney does with its movies.

Inspired by the story The seven Raven by The Grim Brothers.

Seven Ravens

Not so long ago, lived a happy family of 10. The father, head of the family, was a construction workers filled with authority and kindness, his wife was a stay at home mother that took care of her seven boys and her new baby girl.

They were wonderful parents, each and every one of them was loved equally but in the eyes of the brothers they loved their sister more. Jealousy grew inside the seven brothers, telling each other that they would never let her be part of them and so they pushed away their sister.

One day, after the boys were heading back home after a day in the park they stopped in front of an old abandoned house their parents had always told them to stay away.

The oldest looked at the rest with a sly smirk. "I dare you to go inside" He exclaimed to his brothers. He knew they were all scared and that they were aware that their parents didn't want them inside.

"But they told us never to go inside" Said the youngest, as he looked up at the window attic, afraid to see what was inside.

"Don't be chickens!" The brother growled. "They won't even know"

The brothers looked at each other, debating on wherever they should listen to the oldest or not. "In fact I'll go first" Said the brother pushing open the old black gates and stomping in. The rest followed, afraid to be radicalized for not following the rest.

As the pushed the front wooden door they were mesmerized by what they saw. The place was dark and dusty but everything was decorated very old century. "Ok, we were here, we saw, now we can go" Said one of the brothers as he barely stepped one foot inside.

"Don't be a baby and come in" Said the oldest yanking his brother in and closing the door at the same time. The loud thud rumbled around the empty house making them all shiver with fear.

"It's empty, don't you see?" Said another brother, whose hand was already in the doorknob. He yanked the door open but it didn't budge. "It's stuck" He exclaimed making the other gasp.

"Don't worry about it. We'll just find another way out" Said the oldest. The brothers looked at each other worriedly but knew better than to keep their mouth shuts.

They stepped into the middle of the room and looked around. There were three doors in the lower floor, two at each side and one right in front as two velvet wooden stairs made their way up.

Without a word the oldest brother began to walk up the stairs while the rest followed without a whine. After 15 minutes of climbing stairs they found themselves in front of a dark wooden door with bizarre ancient symbols.

The opened the door and found themselves in a very large library, filled with dusty old books but in the center stood what caught their attention. A wooden stand and a large dark green book, as they stepped closer they began to hear hushed whispers that grew louder as they got closer. "Go back" it warned but the boys did not listen and kept on walking.

Once they were standing in front of the book they stared at it with amazed as the oldest brother ran his finger through the ghostly golden linings that decorated the borders. "Llibre de la foscor" it read in washed out golden letters.

Suddenly the book flew open before their eyes and flipped itself to a yellow page with simple dark written words.

"Ser va advertir d'ànimes curiós com buscar a què no sigui trobat, en corb apedregat es convertiran en" They all read together but none understood. It was then they felt the ground move as the book began to come to live itself in a large old hazel tree. The brother were mesmerized by the occurrence that they did not notice their own disappearance until the room was empty once again, now displaying 7 new stoned ravens.

Days passed and there was no sign of the boys, their parents looked and looked but there wasn't even a whisper about their being and after so much searching they gave up concluding that their beloved boys were in heaven looking over them.

With only one daughter left they vowed to take of her, hiding her from ever thing that could pain her, including hiding the fact that she once had 7 brothers.

Years passed at the once beautiful baby girl grew to become a wonderful, delicate lady. Her blonde curls and blue eyes were the essence of her never dying innocence, being always kept away by what could pain her but after 15 year of being in hiding she heard the whispers of people in towns, about her brothers.

She confronted her parents and they had no choice but to tell her the truth. Sadden by the news she told her parents that she would seek once again for her brothers because she did not believe they were truly dead but they forbidden her to look for them but she was determined to find them and so in the middle of the night she left, leaving only with their parent golden wedding ring to prove to her soon to be founded brother that she was in fact their sister.

That night she found herself where her brothers had found themselves 15 years ago and like them she entered the house. Once she was inside she began to worry, for there were too many doors for her to know which one had they taken.

In instinct she opened the first door to her left; the room was hot and inside was a man dressed in yellow and red. The man looked up and began to scream startling her to her very core, causing her to shut the door and run to the other side. This room was cold and a woman dressed in white stood in the middle of the room. Though the woman did not shout, the way she looked at the girl made her shiver and she shut the door and preceded to the last door that was place between the two stairs.

As she opened the door and found herself in a ballroom where 3 men in yellow sparkling suits, drinking brandy. "Come in" Said one of them as he waved at her to come closer.

The girl, not sure to trust these men, walked in slowly, waiting for something to jump at her once she was in but no such thing happened. Instead the men offered her a seat and fed her for she had grown hungry on her time there.

"What brings you here?" one of them asked casually as he sipped his light brown beverage.

"I'm looking for my brothers" She answered. "They were here 15 years ago and my parents come to believe that they are dead but I know they aren't"

The men looked at each other and told her they knew who she was speaking of. They then told her that there was only one way to get her brothers out; she had to take a key and place it in her pocket and no take it out until she was in front of the door.

The girl agreed and they gave her the key, she placed it in her pocket as they told her to do and left the room in search of the door. Once she was out she began to wonder, she placed her hand on her pocket and dug for her key but nothing was there.

Worried that she had disobeyed the men she ran up the stair until she faced the door with bizarre markings. She dug her hand inside her pocket but it was empty. Confuse and angry she began to pound on the door, but there was no answer. She looked at the keyhole and realized that it was the same size of her pinky, she placed in the hole and began to twisted until her pinky snapped.

Defeated she began to cry. "Please I just want to get my brothers back" She sobbed and it was then the door opened by itself. With a gasp she got up and made her way to the stand with the green book but this time it was already open with different words. "Una ànima per a una ànima que serà comerç" it read.

Once again the earth began to shake and the book became a tree. With that 7 ravens became 7 men and the rooms gained a new stoned companion. The room was silent once again as the 7 brothers stared at the now lonely golden ring resting over the old green book.

The end