The mountain morning air was crisp and smelled of the various types of trees and flowers that grew in the surrounding area. Nothing but the sound of water trickling nearby or the birds twittering about was music to my ears. It relaxed me.

Taking a deep breath of sweet air I exhaled slowly closing my eyes in the process. I revelled in the calm spell that the wilderness has casted upon me.

Now this was something I loved dearly. Being away from the bustling city of New York, the blaring of horns, the non-stop traffic, and the polluted air; yes, being in the wilderness with nothing but my thoughts is definitely what I preferred.

Sighing, I leaned against the tree and looked at the scenery before me. It was mid October and the leaves were turning colour. As the sun rose it made the small lake sparkle and as the light hit the trees all the hues of green, red, orange, yellow, and brown seemed to intensify the beauty of the nature that was here.

I smirked, a little laugh escaping; 'Yeah, definitely a Kodak moment.'

It was second nature as I reached into the pack I had brought and took out my sketchpad, various pencils and colouring pencils and sat down on the cool yet soft grass and began the outline of the scenery before me.

Now, by all means I wasn't that great at art. I was even told that back in school, but it was a way for me to escape the horrible truth of reality, it relaxed me as much as being in the wilderness, away from people, away from noise, alone with my thoughts.

As the sounds of nature got me totally lost into what I was doing that I was quite startled to hear a loud rumbling noise. I cursed loudly as the wind suddenly picked up, almost blowing my supplies away from me. Quickly, I grabbed them and stuffed everything back into my bag. I looked around, my brows furrowed. I couldn't see anything, but the rumbling noise was becoming louder and louder.

I began panicking, was there a tornado making its way through the place? My heart was pounding now in my chest as the thought of being caught in a tornado wafted through the area. No one would hear my cries.

A sob escaped of relief escaped my throat when I saw a large aircraft, even though the smoke from it cascaded down towards me, almost blinding me from it I could still somewhat make-out the oval shape of it, the metallic blue, as well as the small windows lined on one side, the right side.

I watched as it quickly descended quickly to the ground. My mouth was open as the loud rumbling stopped and a loud crash could be heard as I saw it crash into the multiple trees, sliding extremely close to the water's edge. I cursed, I had to get down there and see if someone was hurt.

Slinging my bag over my shoulder I quickly but carefully made it down the cliff I was on. I hoped to God that whoever was in there was alright. Hopefully they were still alive and well.

It took me at least half an hour to get to where the crash site was. I gave a low whistle as I got closer to the destruction it had caused. Broken trees, the grass and other shrubs had been ripped up, smoke emanated from other various parts of it. Cautiously, I looked around the site.

I wondered if there was a door, I searched and searched for a little while before a few loud bangs could be heard in front of me. I yelped, jumping back as the door flew off. I landed roughly on my ass. I groaned as pain shot through me.

That was definitely going to leave a bruise on me tomorrow. I rubbed at the sore spot as I slowly got to my knees then up to my feet. I stopped in my tracks as my eyes gazed up at who—er—whatever caused the door to hurtle from its position on the aircraft.

I had never, in my lifetime ever thought I of all people would be the one to come across an alien.

I took note that the alien's skin was a dark green colour. Its amethyst eyes stared at me, I felt uncomfortable under its unnerving stare. The clothing it wore was a one piece, skin tight, black suit, with matching coloured gloves and what appeared to be combat boots . I noticed that its hands held four long fingers. I unknowingly took a step back, feeling a bit regretful of even. Its eyes turned from a amethyst to silver, its pupils looking strangely like a cat's. A mouth with deep green lips parted, small sharp teeth could be seen.

I gulped. Oh my God, it was going to eat me. A small hysteric sob escaped past me.

It took a step forward but fell with a thump to the ground. I grimaced as deep and ragged breathing could be heard, coming from the alien. It looked up at me, the silver seemed more prominent and from where I was it looked at though it was swirling.

"" It breathed in a whisper. Grimacing, it went limp. I was startled for a moment or two really curious as to how the alien knew English. Maybe it was universal? Gathering up my remaining courage and taking a couple of hesitant steps forward, I knelt down.

"A-Are you hurt?" I mentally cursed, of course the poor thing is hurt. it slowly lifted its head and even through the pain it gave me a very sarcastic look.

"Hel-Help me..." And with that unconscious took over the alien.

I gawked at it. What was I to do? I couldn't leave it here, but I had this unnerving feeling that if we stayed something bad was to happen. I ran my fingers through my dark, shoulder length hair and bit my bottom lip as an internal battle with myself.

"Ah, fuck it!"