My blood ran cold at those words, what did he mean? They will be after you.

It sounded like I stepped into a horror movie without realizing it.

Oh, this day was just peaches and cream. Yeah, that's exactly what today was. I sighed, slightly wishing that I was back at home instead of creeping through the forest with an unconscious killer alien hanging on my back.

Oh, yes, what an interesting day it is.


A part of me was extremely interested by this creature while the other half of me was scared shitless by what this being could possibly do; and any wrong move may just prove to be fatal.

Maybe I could just throw him into the ditch and be done with it.

But I knew I wouldn't be able to go through with it. I cursed at my compassionate side. Sometimes I wished I wasn't so nice and that I'd tell people off if they pissed me off. Perhaps I should start.

I cried out in happiness when the old beaten path finally came into view. I swear it felt like an eternity and a half. Just a few more minutes before we'd get to my piece of crap car.

My happiness was soon spiraling downwards when a male and female voice was making their way up the path. Cursing, I looked for a place to hide, I don't think the world-or anyone for that matter would be ready to see an alien.

Especially an alien fugitive.

Oh, Summer what did you get yourself into?

And boy was I ever beginning to regret it.

After finding a place to hide I watched them go by, hand-in-hand oblivious to someone being in the area, watching them. I scrunched my nose. Wow, I couldn't really believe how stalker-creepish that sounded.

Once they were out of earshot I pulled the alien up further on my shoulder and continued to carry-half-drag down the path. No sounds except for the occassional bird chirping or the snapping of twigs as I walked down the uneven ground.

Once we got to the entrance to the forest I sneaked a bit out to see if there were any uncoming cars or even any vehicles that were near mine that could potentionally have people in it.

This felt extremely wrong on so many levels. One: I felt as though I was a kidnapper or murdurer trying to hide the body of my victim; which by the way, trying to get the alien into the car proved to be more fun than what I had initially thought.

And that, by the way, was pure sarcasm.

Minutes gone by before I finally was on the road again. About two hours until we reach my house. Averting my gaze from the road I glanced to the rear-view mirror taking in the the aliens features. His skin was a dull grey, not the dark green colour that it had been previously. Perspiration glinted as the light that shone in through the back window hit his skin.

I wondered at how much pain he was in and where he was hurt. From what I could gather, no injury was seen.

However, that didn't mean there was any.

Focusing back on the road again, my mind wandered to what the near future was going to bring. How much trouble am I actually going to be in once someone finds out about this? And the government? What would they do?

My lips went into a thin line when I thought about it. My hand gripping the steering wheel tightly, my knuckles turning white.

I felt uneasy.

Thankfully for me, it was dark when we reached my place. With little to no complications. The alien guy slept throughout the whole thing. Well, I sure hoped he did. Pulling up to the drive and cutting off the ignition, I grabbed my bag and headed for the door, unlocking it and making sure the door was open before going to grab Mr. Heaviness.

If I thought getting him into the car was bad. It was even worse trying to get him up the steps and into the house. Once I got him inside and the door being kicked loudly behind me, I accidentally dropped him, I winced when his head hit the hardwood floor with a sickening thunk.

He's going to feel that in the morning

After what seemed like forever I finally got him settled on the futon in my livingroom and sat down on the coffee table, catching my breath before going in and grabbing my first aid kit I reached for the zipper in the front of his uniform, pulling it down.

My brows rose with surprise when I saw that he had an unbelieveavle six pack. I gave an admirable whistle before my eyes swept over the wound on his side. I grimaced. A nasty looking 6" gash laid diagonally around his midsection. I reached out to touch it but remembered that I didn't have any gloves on. Once I had them on I lightly grazed the skin.

No wonder he was unconscious. And seeing as he was I figured it would be good a time as any to stitch it up, well after cleaning the wound up of course.

An hour or so later, I sighed with relief that he didn't wake up during the whole thing and I stepped up onto shaky legs and looked at my handy work, "Not bad, Summer. Not bad at all."

I shook my head, now I was talking to myself. I seriously was going crazy. Now I stood there in the middle of my livingroom as I contemplated on what I was going to do next.

Yeah, I knew exactly what I needed right now. I needed a few stiff drinks. Heavy on the few apart.