I have lectures to go before I sleep

The professor drones on and on and on

Light filters in the window, a pale shade of dawn

The rest of the classroom is quiet and dark

My prospects for staying awake look stark

My inner bum awakens in the absence of light

"Dude, that was one crazy rager last night.

Why don't you skip the rest of the day?

They don't take attendance anyway."

"But I have lectures to go before I sleep.

I pray the teach my A's to keep.

Should I not take my notes and fail,

Mom will try to throw me in jail."

"Who listens to their mom anyhow?

I tell you, you need sleep right now!

Look at him, he's not paying attention.

This isn't high school, there's no detention!"

My inner nerd indignantly replies,

"Do you want my academic record's demise?

This is not my sleepy time.

Why does everything I say rhyme?"

"We're in a poem, you idiot!

This class? You should get rid of it!

It's not in your major, it's just GEP.

If you drop it, you'll finally be free!"

"You know what? I'm sick of your muttering!

I hate you and your pathetic sputtering!

Shove off, asshole! Your advice is not allowed!"

My professor glares at me. Oops. I said that out loud.

"Um... I have lectures to go before I sleep?"

"Not this one anymore, you little creep."

"Thanks for making me be so crass.

Now I'm being thrown out of class."

The bum chirps cheerily, "When Mom finds you, you're dead! ^_^"

I sigh and reply, "Well, now I can go to bed."

Bum makes me crawl into the bushes to sleep.

My inner nerd begins to weep.