Sickly Sweet
by Yo-Girl

The rules were simple. 1) Invite child inside cottage (this must be done voluntarily) 2) Feed child 3 bites of confectionary (no more, no less) 3) Once unconscious, bake said child in the oven at 400 degrees F.



Once upon a time, there lived a pair of twins. Born only two minutes apart from each other, they were named Ida and Rosa respectively. Emerald green eyes, an unidentifiable birthmark on the temple and milky white skin were among the only things the twins had in common – because, they were, quite literally, as different as night and day.

Both girls were considered oddities in their village and as a result, shunned. However, as they grew, so did the strange things happening around them: diseases seemingly cured mysteriously; wild, bloodthirsty dogs suddenly halting nightly prowls within the village; fires materialising and then disappearing as quickly as they arrived…

It didn't take long for the villagers, to point fingers. "μάγισσα!"(1) they accused, unleashing a string of never-ending horrible words flowing from their tongues.

Then one night, a curse was placed and the twins disappeared without a trace, quickly changing the course of history in one single moment.

Hey guys, first and foremost, thanks for giving this a shot. The writing may seem slightly amateurish... to say the least, since I've not been writing for awhile now but hope to continue my dream. Please do review! Thanks once again :)

(1) The word means 'Witch' in Greek.