Abandoned in the dark

Stabbed in the heart

Left with too many thoughts

You know too much, you can't shut down

And you start to wonder, with a frown

If any of it was worth it, why you bothered

When the battlefield of love is so tattered

You see, there's no Geneva Convention here

No saviour anywhere

Left to your own devices

Left to deal with the crisis

All the butterflies flew away

The world you knew left you behind

And in stark contrast, the pastel background

Has turned suddenly so bright, so loud, so bitterly cruel

If you though that love and life had a rule

Well, now you know that's just not true

No laws exist, old or new

But I really have to tell you

(Though the words are far from new

I just hope they'll help to push you through)

That even if it doesn't seem this way

Some of us think about you every day

We wish we could help you, banish all your problems too

Of course we can't, but that's all we want for you

We're here for you, we'll do all we can

There are people who love you, Dan

You'll have some fun, go out at night

Soon the eternal tunnel will give light

You'll see the respite isn't far – it's long-term R&R

Your girls still love you as much at weekends

It's less time with them, but time will show you that time mends.

Don't give up, bridge that void, try to appreciate the side-line view

Your battle isn't a losing one, there's just a queue

But if you wait patiently enough

A new dawn will come, and with it, love.