Sat silent in the dark

Watching the shadows flit by

And the starts blinking from above

I'm thinking of you, my love

Can you feel the weight of my thoughts?

Are your ears burning, can you hear me cry?

Sleep is evading me

And I'm wishing that you'd stayed

With me is where you belong, dear

In my arms – you should be here

But no, you took the butterflies

And you flew away; our bond must have frayed

I didn't see it

I was completely unprepared

I miss you, my love, even though

Even though I hate you so

No, it's not hate – I wish it was

Why can't I hate you? You broke what we shared

You destroyed me

Now I have to build myself back

Only mismatched blocks remain

Of our life – all this pain

From being torn apart by you

The butterflies have flown, what's left is black

And I wish I could blame you.