In the Window

Watching the window

And the world passing by

Until, with the fall of darkness

A girl makes her appearance

And she watches me cry

She looks so normal

Not a care in the world

Rests on her frail, skinny shoulders

Which her hair fall perfectly down

In oh-so-gentle curls

Watching the beauty

And the fire in her eyes

I think of my own dull, blue ones

And hope that soon, they'll match hers.

In tandem, we both sigh

She looks just like me

But moved on from this phase

A happier me, one at peace

Eyes bright with the passion of love

She has escaped this haze

This haze of desire

And not knowing what to think

Discomfort and confusion

The loss of knowing what is right

She's found the missing link

And that girl in the window

She's everything I want to be