Hours? Ears ringing, mouth dry, head pounding. How long had it been since she had some water? It might have been days.

Barely audible over the ancient standing clock, footsteps sounded down the hall. They neared the door, they passed the door.

The ticking of the clock droned on and on.

Come back, she begged silently. Come back, I'm thirsty. No one came.

She tried to open her dry lips, but they just wouldn't part. It didn't matter if they did though, no voice would come out.

She was scared. Scared someone would answer, terrified someone wouldn't. So she didn't.

She remained alone, laying on the cold marble floor. Staring. Just staring at the dark wall to wall bookshelf.

Ancient tomes covered in dust sat motionless.

Her eyes shut again as whispers filled the room. Swirling and twisting, bringing her to the edge of vomiting once more.

She held her breath, maybe she'd die before the demons came to torment her again.