I could stare at you all night: watch your mad eyes and let time tick on forever.

I don't know why I find you so fascinating, maybe it's your whole being; the way you're utterly on the brink on insanity, intensely staring with such beautiful red eyes; the way you're poised perfectly between the sun and the moon, while they laugh menacingly behind you; it could be your long slender fingers caressing your instrument as play your song of suicide; I love the stars behind you, and the atmosphere they give; I love the way the sky fades out growing lighter, as though day will arrive soon and your show of madness will end.

No don't end.

When I first saw you in the gallery, surrounded by the shadowed laughing masks, I could not take my eyes off you; colourful and more wondrous than any of them, like a clear blue sky after a dark storm.

After finding the original picture I realize how you are not an edited version, but someone's creation; maybe an alter ego, someone more captivating than they ever could be.

I feel more than just attracted to you; I feel like I am deeply in love.

I don't want to ever look away from your face. I want to hear you speak madness and sing beautiful songs into my ear.

I don't want our time to end; I don't want to sleep.

But I do know that when I see your face tomorrow I will feel like this again. You are new right now and I will need time to get used to such beautiful colours. Do not forget how much you mean to me. I will not let you be removed because I would be sadder than I have ever been in my life, for you are the essence of perfection. My love.

Somebackgroundinfo here, I was just searching for a desktop background, as you do causally at one twenty a.m. and I came across this handsome devil. The reason why I chose the line "surrounded by shadowed masks" is because I was looking at drawings for a song called "Peten shi ga warau koro ni" (when the swindlers start laughing out) and the music video is all black and white and the singer wears a mask on her forehead at one point, so naturally the drawings are supposed to copy the music video.

However! I first saw this drawing for a different song called Jikbaku (self-destruct), and assumed this drawing was also for that hence the line "song of suicide", though after a little digging I found out the Jibaku I had seen was not a re-print from NicoNicoDouga and someone had used the wrong photo. Oh. However I'm not taking the line out because in my delirious state at that time assuming he was for Jikabu he seemed even more cool, like finding an Easter egg in a video game.