An Abominable Alphabet

A is for Aaron, who was killed by a tree,

B is for Barry, stung to death by a bee.

C is for Cate, who swallowed some lye,

D is for Demetri, changed into a fly.

E is for Everett, he teased a bear,

F is for Francis, who ate rocks on a dare.

G is for Gareth, stuffed into a box

H is for Heidi, who was poisoned by lox.

I is for Ianto, ate so much that he burst,

J is for Jane, died from bad wurst.

K is for Kevin, sank in the pool,

L is for Lenore, drowned in her drool.

M is for Mike, buried by books,

N is for Natalie, pecked to death by rooks.

O is for Oberon, who faded away,

P is for Penny, just vanished one day.

Q is for Quentin, flattened by a truck,

R is for Regina, who thinks she's a duck.

S is for Simon, impaled on a spike,

T is for Trina, swallowed by pike.

U is for Udo, who drank too much rum,

V is for Valerie, clubbed to death by a bum.

W is for Waldo, who never was found,

X is for Xena, mauled by a hound.

Y is for Yorick, who ate too much sweets,

Z is for Zinnia, mashed up with her beets.