(authors note: I'm reading The Book Thief, and studied Anne Frank, and have often lost myself in many both non-fictional as well as fictional accounts of the Nazi Germany time and the people who survived them, I can't really imagine the strength and courage such ones have and I admire them so much, rather they were in the camps or holding out. Either way this poem was inspired by that time.)

With every bang on the door

Every crash of glass

My heart grows fainter

I can't take much more.

This gray ominous hue

Settled every where

Covers the sins of many

And the good deeds of few

Why are we to hide?

Like we are in shame?

Why is being different something

That means I must die?

I hear heavy boot clips grow close,

I press myself further back

Maybe if I'm small enough

I can push myself through my walls thin crack.

Mother strokes my hair

And hushes the baby's cries

Father looks so strong as he says

"Have no fear"

I do my best to be brave

I do my best not to cry

I want them to know I won't change

My beliefs,

Just because they threaten me with a camp or grave.

Father says its time for a prayer.

I close my eyes really tight

But screams still leak inside.

I hear the panic everywhere.

I take another deep breath,

Determining my cheeks not

To be wet.

I take the baby's hand

In a whisper I say,

"One day, you'll understand

In life there are certain times

You have to do what you know is right

No matter what the price.

These men are bad,

And ignorant too,

Because they don't really know

What it is they do.

Our God will forgive their sins,

Just as He does me and you.

So we must try too."

Mother touches my cheek

Father smiles at me,

I'm still holding tight

To our precious baby.

Boots and screams begin to fade

We look to each other hardly

Believing it could be true,

Once again we've made it through,

And so ends that nights raid.