I'm nothing special

I'm nothing incredible

I'm just another girl

Who fights demons if you can't tell

I'm not pretty

Don't think I'm beautiful

I'm not smart, and so far from wonderful.

Every now and again,

I'll build up my confidence

But it only last minute

Then here comes my inner fat kid.

She reminds me I cry

Almost every night

And no matter how I try

I'll never cover all the scares

Or have a good answer for the reason Why.

She tells me I'm not worthy of love

It's something I should run from

That no one could love me

I'm just ugly.

Her mission is to destroy my sanity.

Just when I think I've got handle on it

I could fake being confident

Here comes my inner fat kid

I give her the power,

Put her opinions in an ivory tower

I'm scared enough as it is

All my life I was just the fat kid.

Now I've grown up

Things were supposed to change

I don't look the same

So tell me,

Why does she still reign?

She says hold back

They don't really like you

Just give up

No one wants to talk to you

You'll feel better if you do…

So in my mind

I struggle and fight

Some sort of peace I've got to find

I've got to fight

I've got to eventually win

And beat my inner fat kid.