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Ah this was the best time of the year. I smiled to myself as I looked out my window to see the old Victorian styled lamp post covered in a fresh blanket of snow. They would be arriving any time soon. Every year we would get together to exchange gifts, have a get together, and have a nice dinner during the Christmas season. I normally forgot about the gifts and instead loved spending time with them they were like family to me. Heck I even called them my aunts and uncles. My aunt Laura and Uncle Len had four kids 3 boys and a girl. The oldest of them was Daniel we had been friends forever, ever since I was born, every weekend they would come over and we would play games, weather it be make-believe or tag we always had fun together. Over the years I had seen my best friend the boy who fought off the dragons who plagued me during nap-time, to the man I could lean on for anything whether it be a bad break up or something simple such as I needed a hug he was there. Over the last few years we had separated some he stayed to go to the local college and I was finishing up my last year of high school. This was the time of year I got to see them again. I heard the doorbell and fell down the stairs with who else to catch me but Daniel, you know Annabelle I won't always be there to catch you he laughed. Yeah well I didn't plan on falling I heard the doorbell and I was going to get it. Besides who was at the door if it wasn't you ? I questioned. Aunt Melanie he replied I smiled good we're all here and I made a mad dash to the living room and ran up to my Aunt Melanie my aunt Laura and Uncle Len gave them all a hug. I missed you all how have you been? Come lets sit in the den Mom and dad have the fire ready we all sat in the den chatting idly hearing the fire crackle and roar as we went over stories and sipped our drinks. I excused myself to go start making the souffle, when Daniel volunteered to help. We turned on the radio and put it on the Christmas station when the radio lazily played Baby its cold out side. I smiled and chanted along with the words

I really can't stay. When Daniel joined in.

But baby its cold outside

I've gotta go way

But baby its cold outside

We continued to go on finishing the desert Dan Toss me the flour. When I turned to face him he tossed the flour in my face. UGH Daniel why I grabbed and egg and hid it behind my back. Cause I wanted too he replied cheekily. Oh really I smiled come here I want to give you something he walked over cautiously. This I smiled and smashed an egg on his head take that and I dashed out of the kitchen and slid around the corner and hid behind my dad when Dan slid around the corner with the whip cream. Don't you dare Dan I swear I will hurt you. Ok ok fine Lets finish the desert and clean up. Fine I'm going up to change if you want you can shower so I changed into my gold Christmas dress washed my hair and re curled it as Daniel got into the shower, I finished the desert and the rest of the meal when Dan came down. I am done but if you want to set the table I don't mind alright Belle I started plating the meals while Dan set then on the table as we all sat and ate dinner. When that was done we went to open the gifts. After that we went and played some games when Dan asked me if I wanted to go out on a walk I brought a torch with us due to the lack of lighting in my rural neighbourhood. We walked along the trail where we just chatted I had asked him about college and if he had a girlfriend in his life and he replied with I love my classes I'm enjoying them a lot as for a girlfriend no I don't have one. I laughed a cute boy like you with no girlfriend that's hard to believe Dan. What about you Belle do you have a boyfriend. I frowned a little No, I sighed I don't sometimes I wonder if I am good enough. Belle look at me you're pretty smart and kind anyone would be lucky to have you as their girlfriend. Sure Dan as if. He pulled my face to look at him then let go I looked up for a moment and noticed it started to snow. What were you going to say Dan I questioned quietly. This he leaned down and kissed me. Oh I blushed redness filling my cheeks. That is when I noticed he pulled a little box out of his jacket. Here I didn't put it under the tree I wanted to give it to you personally. I opened the little box inside was a silver chain with a diamond encrusted A charm. I smiled thank you Daniel I love it. No problem he smiled. We held hands as we walked home. We saw his parents packing up about to leave. Well I guess this is it for tonight I smiled. I'll see you this weekend after finals he replied. Alright see you then. See you then he said as he got into the car and drove off. I smiled and took off my coat and took out the box I ran up to my room and put it into my jewellery box and smiled as I drifted off into sleep.