I remember when everything was different.

I remember when John Quincy Adams was president,

When we didn't have fifty states,

Having slaves was a good thing,

And men were superior.

I remember when my home was where that fast food restaurant now stands,

When that mall was a forest,

The roads were dirt trails,

And animals roamed where the cars drive.

I remember when we did housework instead of watching TV,

When we rode horses instead of driving cars,

The girls watched the boys walk to school instead going with them,

And we lit lanterns instead of turning on lamps.

I remember watching my little brother die because we had no doctor,

When I got married to a man my father chose in a small church that no longer stands,

I had a baby girl I couldn't name,

And I died in 1839 at 28 years of age.

For I am only a ghost of yesterday, a memory soon to be forgotten.

But in this ever-changing world, I will always stay the same.