Most girls dream of being famous. I dream of being ordinary. I know that will never happen though. Unlike other teen-aged girls, I don't dream of being able to bask in my own fame, followed everywhere by adoring paparazzi. I am the exact opposite. I stay as far away from fame as possible. For most girls, being famous would be a dream. For me, it's a nightmare.

Chapter One

When the final bell rang, signaling the start of summer vacation, every student at Davis High School seemed to pour out of the building at the same time. I scanned the huge crowd, looking for my friends Molly and Nicole. I had agreed to go over to Molly's house with them, because Nicole's parents were out of town and she hated being home alone. Nicole and I both knew that Molly was dying to turn on the T.V. and watch today's episode of "San Jose Live!" Her favorite band, Pop Six, had an interview this afternoon.

"Mel!" I heard someone shout, and turned to see Molly waving me over to where she and Nicole were standing. As I fought my way through the surging crowd, Molly tapped her foot impatiently by her Mom's car. Nicole and I exchanged a smile at her obvious obsession with seeing Pop Six on live television.

The whole drive Molly kept glancing down at her watch.

"Molly, you set a recording of the interview", her mom told her, "It won't matter if we're a little late".

This didn't appear to calm Molly down. Almost before the car stopped in front of her house, Molly burst out of the car and ran inside. By the time Nicole and I got inside the house, Molly already had the T.V. on.

We sat down on the couch in time to hear the host say "Next up, we have a special treat for all of our teen-aged girls watching. We welcome, the six brothers in the newest boy band, Pop Six!"

"Phew! I thought we were going miss the beginning", Molly said, relieved.

As the six boys walked into the room, the crowd started screaming their names. I noticed that there were many more teen-aged girls in the crowd that when a politician or scientist was being interviewed. Molly squealed along with them.

Nicole started giggling, and that caused me to start, and pretty soon we were cracking up, and Molly was staring at us as if we were crazy

"What's so funny?" she asked, annoyed.

"You are so obsessed, Nicole managed to say between laughs. "I mean, the fact that you know each of their names and birthdays says enough".

"Knowing Gabriel, Niall, Nicholas, John, Xavier, and Christian's birthdays does not make me obsessed with them" Molly said, making Nicole and me laugh even harder.

We soon stopped laughing, mostly because Molly started shushing them because they had started the interview.

"Gabriel, what is it like knowing that you and your brothers are huge stars?" the host, Michael Johnson, asked the youngest member of the band.

"Well, I think the big thing is that I'm singing with my brothers, and we've been singing together for so long that it seems normal to me" Gabe said.

"And Niall, we know that the six of you are brothers, but do you have any other siblings at home?" Michael Johnson asked another of the boys.

"No, it's just the six of us. I think seven would be a little crazy at home," he answered uncomfortably.

"Ah, Niall is so cute. He always gets uncomfortable when he's asked about his family. It's like he wants to protect his parents from people intruding on their lives," Molly said, which sent Nicole and me into giggles again.

"Christian, you are the oldest of the group, correct?" Michael Johnson asked.

"Yes Sir, just turned twenty- two," He answered.

"Does that mean that you deal with most of the business aspects of things?" Michel Johnson inquired.

"Oh no, I'm not very good at things like that. Xavier handles most of that stuff," Christian told him.

"Xavier, you are the third oldest correct?" Michael Johnson asked.

"Um, no. I'm second oldest. John is only eighteen, and I'm twenty," Xavier said, laughing.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I must have read my notes wrong," Michael Johnson said, embarrassed. "But anyway Xavier, how would you describe each of your brothers in the band?"

"I would have to say Gabriel is the unfocused one," he said, which caused Gabe to start laughing. "Niall would be the protective one. Um, Nick is probably the mature one. John, oh he would be the focused one, and Christian would be the leader," Xavier decided.

I stopped listening to the interview after that, laughing with Nicole every so often at Molly's reactions. Once the episode ended, it was time for dinner, and by the time we were done, I had to go.

I was forced to walk, because Mom was working and Dad was picking up my brothers. By the time I got home, they had already gotten back. No one that knew my brothers knew they had a sister, and I liked it that way. Molly and Nicole didn't know I had any siblings either, and I liked that, too. I knew that if Molly knew I had brothers, the whole school would know I had brothers, and I most definatley didn't want the whole school to know that I had six brothers named Gabe, Niall, Nick, Johnny, Xavier and Christian, more commonly known as Pop Six.