Cold Hearted

Awaken the shadows,

Deep in your mind

Another soul stirring,

Attracted to that darkness

I scream and try to fight the demon away,

But it never leaves

I'm scared,

Help me

It laughs at any attempt to save me from it,

And murders all of my friends

Each and every one

Eventually we are all consumed by it and it becomes he,

He tortures me every day and I scream out

No one stops to listen to my pleading calls,

I feel anger boil inside of me and I grow cold to all

No one will hear me laugh,

No one will hear me cry,

And the only one who will be able to see my weakness is him

My torturer,

The one who broke my heart,

The sadist who thinks this is funny,

The one who beats me each and every day until I have no hope left,

Until I am broken and unfixable

No one will hear my calls now,

They are nonexistent,

I feel no pain,

Just a tingling sensation

I no longer cry myself to sleep,

My heart is gone,

And if people find out now,

I will never be the same happy girl they used to know

To anybody who finds this,

Life sucks,

You either deal with it,

Or you end it

The choice is yours