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A multicolored speckled gray haired teen trotted down the hall of the house smiling eagerly a small tail the was barely peeking out of the small hole made in his jeans wagging back and forth as he made his way to the door of the house knowing his owner was to be home any minute and just ready to start explaining his day like he always did every day for 3 years.

The multicolored haired teen perked floppy ears perking up slightly when hearing the small click's of the front door being unlocked, he bounced from foot to foot smile growing wildly as the door finally opened to show his owner who called out he was home, "Welcome back!" He cried out lunging forward and latching onto his owner whimpering and whining heavily for the attention he always got.

"Jasper, down.." His owner grumbled though the hand petting his head and stroking his ears didn't stop Jasper from staying attached to his owner as he continued to whine happily as he followed slightly hanging onto the jacket his owner wore to the large room that was his as well knowing he would have to wait on the bed to get the attention he craved for the 8 hours his owner was away.

"Where'd everyone go?" His owner asked removing the jacket and simply dropping it to the floor before doing the same to his pants before putting on some shorts, Jasper shrugged in answer when he felt his owner's gaze not really knowing but just glad his owner was home; he shifted and bounced a bit on his knees when his owner got on the bed and started to pet him once more making him curl into his owner side with a happy whimper loving the attention given to him.

Jasper nuzzled into his owner neck placing small licks there before he shifted to curl himself up more into his owner side wanting to sleep now that he had his owner home, he yawned shortly and rested his head slightly on the upper thigh of his owner before dozing off with a small smile since his ear was being gently rubbed with a few fingers though they left soon enough when his owner started on his phone.


"Oi, Jasper.. come on up" His owner voice and the hand pushing his face off his his owner's thigh forcing Jasper to wake up to stare sleepily ahead confused on why he needed to be awake before his ears perked and he tensed before he scrambled and dashed for the garage door of the house, loud barks coming from his throat as he glared at the door only falling quiet when yelled at by his owner to be quiet.

Jasper shifted his weight away from the garage door when his owner waved him away and opened the door, darting forward he tried to slip outside along with his owner only to get pushed back and a scold which made him whimper and start to pace near the door before he jumped and barked and whined at his owner coming back and the rest of the family though he quickly snapped quiet when his owner mother told him to shut up though petted his head as she passed.

Jasper pouted as he slowly moved to go into the kitchen after everyone only rushing out when told to go to his owner room because he was in the way, he grumbled before he curled on the bed shifting quite a few times whining that he couldn't help though he huffed and waited for his owner to come back to the room; he smiled when only a few minutes passed and his owner returned and handed him half of the sandwich that his owner was now eating which was quickly eaten by himself since he only ever really ate in the morning and at night.

"We're going up north for the weekend," His owner started which made Jasper pause, he always hated when his owner left..., "You're going to be outside since last time you were left alone you almost destroyed my ro-"

"I DIDN'T MEAN TO!" Jasper yelped out loudly making his owner scowl at him for it though he only shifted slightly with a whimper head lowered and his body turned to the side.

"...You're going outside," His owner repeated softly, "Want you to be nice to Dora and Rex" He grumbled before his owner laid on the bed beside him and rubbed at his ears, "..Go find your toy and We'll play a bit hm?" His owner suggested making Jasper smile widely and rush off to go find the stuff toy hippo he had since he was a puppy.


Jasper grumbled under his breath as he paced in the backyard of the house whimpering to himself as Dora, a white haired woman with a brown patch of hair and russet going along with her ears and tail, watched him with amusement, which made Jasper want to growl angrily at her but he controlled himself since he didn't want to be in trouble when his owner came home.

"Pup, Why don't you play with Rex?" Dora's raspy voice called to him gaining the attention of the almost same colored man that was laying with a black haired man curled into his body, "It'll keep you both busy... Lincoln.. go away" She barked out softly to the black haired man that lifted himself from Rex's side.

"Rex can't play, his legs are acting up again.." Lincoln breathed out dusting his body off of the dirt and the fur from Rex's tail that got on his clothes, "Let Jasper just pace and scratch the door like he always does" He hissed out before he helped Rex to his feet gently and helped the limping heavily other to a small house that was shelter to them.

Jasper frowned glaring at the back of Lincoln head glad that cat wasn't allowed inside of the house anymore, he huffed heavily and just went to sit beside the back door ignoring Dora's gaze the best he could but unable to after an hour of her gaze on his body, "What?!" He snapped annoyed and upset.

"You're so spoiled," Dora said lightly before moving to the small house to do whatever, Jasper narrowed his eyes before he shifted his weight and relaxed against the wall and hunkered down to sleep off a few hours.


Jasper grumbled heavily rubbing his stomach and drawing small circles in the dirt as he waited for the sound of the garage knowing his owner should be home today around noon as he always did; he got to his feet slowly and shook himself and scratched his ear huffing out softly when looking around at Dora who was just laying out in a sunny spot like Rex who had Lincoln curled into his body which made Jasper growl softly now missing his owner even more and the affection.

Jasper pouted heavily and moved to press his forehead on the glass door that connected to the back door, he whined now really missing his owner so much, he slumped into the glass door before he gave a long louder whine, sitting down with a flop to the ground.


"Jasp-" His owner voice made Jasper lunge to the door and hug him tightly by the waist whimpering heavily and burying his face in his owners stomach before he was pulled back making him whimper and blink at his owner sighing.

"Eat your food then head to my room okay?" His owner said lightly petting his head lightly before leaving him to go to the bathroom, Jasper blinked confused before he perked at seeing a few sandwiches and biscuits on the kitchen table for him which he quickly got set on eating though allowing his owner's younger siblings to speak and talk to him.

"You know that Nick won't be hanging around with you too much after this right?" His owner's youngest sibling stated making Jasper pause in finishing the first sandwich he had gotten, "He's gotten a girlfriend~ You'll be left outside more often and won't be allowed-"

"Shut up William," His owner voice cut off the youngest siblings words though the damage was done already, "Jasper get your food, to my room" Jasper nodded weakly before he moved to get the plate and quickly go to his owner room his head lowered and a soft whimper coming from his throat.

Jasper sat curled up into the corner of the bed a red pillow pressed to his chest and the plate of food forgotten easily on the dresser before his owner came into the room and gave him a small smile and sat beside him, "You'll like her," His owner said softly making Jasper give a choked whine at it being true, "Don't be like this, You'll still be able to sleep in here with me, You'll be fine" He mumbled out though Jasper just moved more into the corner whining deeply.


Jasper glared at the female that sat next to his owner angrily hating her so much for stealing the attention that was his, he growled when called to get on the couch next to the female refusing with a shake of his head and earning a displeased look though he didn't care at all since his owner as he found out wouldn't punish him unless he did something really bad to the female, like the first time she came around shoving himself in between them to make sure hewas the center of attention.

"...Jasper just go to my room if you're going to act like this" His owner ordered firmly and obeying stiffy Jasper stomped his way just to annoy his owner to the room slamming the door but quickly regretting and moving to go hid under the covers and hid his face in the pillow that he used slept on.


Jasper huffed as he sat against the wall opposite to the door of his room his owner having came home with the female and forcing him to get out and then shut and locked the door on him which made him growl and refuse to leave the hallway though he quickly did move when picking up on small quiet moans that made him flush in understanding at what his owner was doing now.

Jasper scrambled down the hall before he quickly slipped into his owner's mother room and moved to lay on the floor and block out the sounds that reached his ears completely, he squirmed around on the floor before getting more comfortable and covering his ears fully once more as he just waited for his owner to be done.


Jasper lifted his head slowly when the door to his owner's room opened slowly and soon he got to his feet eyes wary when seeing his owner step out with a short yawn saying something and dragging the female along with him making Jasper growl softly but he stayed where he was fearing going near his owner's room or even going down the hall at what he would smell and pick up on.

Jasper shifted his weight a bit as he listened to the front door shut but nothing more till he whimpered under his breath at hearing the dull hum of a car and dropped back down to the ground when the already dull sound disappeared and he was left alone in the house.


Jasper sat quietly on the couch having learned quick enough that now when the female was over and no one else was home he should keep out of the way and keep to himself, he sniffed a bit blinking slightly when seeing Bootsy watching him quietly which was odd enough with the kitten Chloe always bothering her in one way or other.

"...Everything will work out you know?" Bootsy said softly with a small smile making Jasper narrow his eyes since him and the cat never got along after he attacked her once, "And with how things are going, Nick will be leaving and you with him, and it'll just be you two once more since the female won't be able to come around for a bit" She stated gently making Jasper pause a bit confused slightly.

"Moving to a new home puts stress on Nick, you'll be able to work things out with him them once more" Bootsy continued smiling a bit at Jasper before her gray ear twitched and she flicked her gaze down the hall making Jasper blinked an perk at his owner door opening, though no one came out which confused him slightly but not enough to go and see why.

"Jasper! Come here!" His owner's voice made Jasper quickly move off the couch wanting to be near his owner though knowing it was probably just to help straighten things, he slowly walked down the hall his tail wagging slightly behind him as he neared the room and quietly slipped inside head lowered and gaze trailed to the floor of the room.

"Don't act like that.." His owner said making Jasper whine softly and his tail to wag more so before he stopped at hearing a soft giggle and just feeling the smile that he knew his owner had on his lips, "I have something to tell you," His owner continued after a bit of silence.

Jasper lifted his head finally since it seemed that was what his owner was waiting for but he couldn't keep his face from filling with disgust at the female at his owner's side, he bit his tongue to stop a growl from leaving him and he removed his gaze to look briefly at his owner waiting now for him to speak.

His owner looked at him displeased before sighing, "I want you to go take a shower, be quick though, Your coming with us" He said smiling a bit, "You're going to meet someone today" He stated, adding it in before Jasper could protest to the shower.

Jasper made a face hating having to take showers, "I don't want to nor do I want to meet anyone!" He barked out angry before he fled the room and quickly went out the back door rushing to the fence and sitting there cowering there.

"JASPER!" His owner yelled making Jasper flinch and cower more and curl into himself pressing heavily into the fence before he gasped as he was yanked by his shirt and smacked over the head harshly making him whimper at his owner and try to shrink away whimpering softly, "You're going to take a shower and be ready in 30 minutes or I will punish you.." His owner grounded out in Jasper ear before he was dropped and ordered to go back inside and do as told.
Jasper rushed inside head lower to his chest before he entered the bathroom and removed his clothing quickly and forced himself to get into the shower and turn the water on, trembling and jerking away from it but shaking his head and inching his way to be under the water to soak his hair and his ear which he pushed down so wash didn't get inside of them.


Jasper curled against the door of the car his face buried in the clean jeans he was given to wear that covered his legs, he wanted to move about the back seat and see where his owner was taking him though he refused himself to since the female was along for the ride it seemed and oddly his owner seemed to talk to her as if he wasn't even in the car which made him want to growl and get some type of attention but he feared being punished more than getting what he wanted.

Jasper shifted himself when the car slowed to a small stop before his owner seemed to park the car which made him lift his head and stare out the window blinking as he took in the new environment that was now surrounding him from the car, he jumped when suddenly the door was opened and his owner gestured from him to get out of the car which he slowly obeyed head still lowered.

"Behave yourself" His owner said simply before he nudged him to walk to the fenced in area of a house, Jasper walked forward slowly glancing around confused since the female was nowhere to be seen now though he lifted his head when he heard the door of the house open and a short golden brown haired man exploded from inside of the house and ran straight towards him.

Blinking and quickly baring his teeth and growling Jasper side-stepped the short man and soon tackled him pinning the man to the ground growling deeply and pushing the short man roughly into the ground his mouth pressed with his teeth against the man's throat forcing the strange man to submit to him or be injured badly.

The short man whimpered and wriggled under him before a tail drew Jasper attention as his leg was hit with it, he shifted to be straddling the short man's back as he glanced around and rumbled out a bark towards his owner confused when seeing the female being held and the stares he was given, "...I'm sorry.." He muttered out moving to get off of the short man though he yelped when suddenly barely being off of the short man he was on the ground on the man on top of him smiling and nuzzling his cheek, a tongue joining soon making Jasper whine and struggle to get away.


Jasper ran around the yard of the house trying to escape the short man he now knew as Jazz which was short for Jasper, he growled annoyed knowing his owner and the other was just watching him run having hated how the short man reacted to him, he jumped when he was suddenly hugged by the waist and yanked backwards stumbling and soon falling dragging down the man who gave a squeak when they landed on the ground.

Jasper squirmed around before he huffed angry and moved to kick away the other who was latched onto his waist somehow, he growled in warning but the shorter just whined at him and cuddled into his body making him tense in shock and stare wide eyed at the shorter.

"Let go of me!" Jasper ordered as he pushed on the shorter shoulders only to be hugged tighter and another whine to fill the air, "What's wrong with you!? Get off!"" He snarled as he squirmed and thrashed but all in vain as the shorter never loosened his hold.

Giving up Jasper slumped back and glared daggers at the shorter who glanced up briefly at him before his waist was released and his neck had arms around it and a face close to his own, "Wha-?" Jasper closed and eye and broke off from questioning the shorter when his cheek was licked and his hair combed through with gentle fingers.

"Just wanted to greet you.." Jazz whimpered out his licks moving down to swipe over Jasper's lips before he pulled back and smiled, "Don't be mad at me...I'm sorry if you don't like me but I like you 'cause you're strong! And your owner makes my owner happy!" the shorter man tail was wagging wildly back and forth as he finished speaking smiling at Jasper who stared at him.

"...Hn.." Jasper mumbled out before he moved to push on Jazz chest to get the shorter off of him which surprising worked, the shorter moving to sit in front of him still smiling and tail still wagging, Jasper shook his head before he glanced to the house making a face when seeing his owner leaning quite close to the female clearly not paying any attention now, he bared his teeth before he lunged at Jazz who yelped and howled out as he was pinned to the ground.

Jazz writhed under Jasper whimpering and whining showing his neck and turning his gaze to the side in submission relaxing when Jasper only nosed his neck and nothing more to him; shifting a bit and slowly Jazz glanced at Jasper who had his gaze on something else which he followed to his owner and the taller's owner kissing though a half open gaze seemed to be trained on them, "...Are you jealous?"

Jasper snapped his gaze to Jazz's wide matching golden brown eyes before he sneered and pushed himself away and got to his feet, "I'm not jealous" He growled as he dusted himself off roughly and stormed to the gate of the fence, "I wanna go home!" He called to his owner and he stood arms crossed by the gate not daring to walk from the yard without his owner with him.

"I don't" His owner voice answered him making Jasper bare his teeth slightly though he turned his head to look at the car that sat there, "Play for another 15 minutes then we'll go" His owner said, Jasper shook his head and shifted to lean against the fence and glare holes into the ground as he counted softly in his head the seconds to a minute so he knew exactly when 15 minutes would be up.

"...Jasper, Can you please play with me before you leave? I have some stuff animals... that we could toss around and.. play with..please?" Jazz voice was beside him and a small hand lightly touching his elbow, "Please Jasper?" The shorter added in begging with a whine.

Jasper narrowed his eyes before he huffed and uncrossed his arms, "Fine.." He grunted out angrily though Jazz jumped happily and rushed off to get a stuff animal Jasper guessed since that's what the shorter wanted to play with.

Shifting around and moving to be in the middle of the yard Jasper sighed as he kept his gaze away from the house before he jumped slightly at Jazz returning and just suddenly being in his line of sight, "You get the Tiger" Jazz stated handing him a small dulling orange stuffed tiger.

Jasper grunted softly before he lightly palmed the stuffed tiger to get use to the feel of it before he decided it was his to keep now, he lifted his head up to see what Jazz had in his hand through his eyes narrowed to see it was a hippo one almost like his own though it was newer looking, "...Why do you get the hippo?" He asked slowly now not even wanting to hold the stuffed tiger anymore.

"Because it's mine.. and my owner got it for me only a few days ago..." Jazz answered softly his hands fiddling with the stuffed animal wildly, "...Why do you care?" He questioned back slowly his gaze flicking to meet Jasper's.

"...I don't" Jasper growled before he tossed the Tiger to Jazz, "I've changed my mind, I don't want to play with you at all" He bit out before he went back to wait at the fence crossed his arms and paused for a second to try and remember how many minutes had gone by.

"Jasper, Y..You can't just do that, You said you would play with me" Jazz protested having finally found his voice after the shock the younger gave him by his sudden actions, "Why are you so mean?" He whined out loudly before he threw the stuffed tiger at Jasper; nailing the younger in the back of the head.

Jazz eyes widened at Jasper turning around teeth bared and a snarl aimed for him, he yelped and took off to the house whimpering and scrambling up the stairs before he lunged at his owner and Jasper's latching onto his own and whimpering at her to help him.

Jasper snarled once more moving to yank Jazz from where he was before his head was smacked and his outstretched hand popped and pushed away, "No, Bad" His owner voice made Jasper quickly backtrack his anger and fall quiet; body facing away from his owner in submission a soft whimper leaving him.

"...I'll see you later Felicia... Sorry 'bout Jasper" His owner said before the back of Jasper neck was taken by his owners hand and he was lead roughly down the stairs and to the car, "Get inside, When we get home, Outside" His owner breathed out heavily his grasp tightening on the back of his neck made Jasper whine in reply and yank himself away to get into the car curling up on the side of the car door trembling.


Jasper pressed his body closer to the back door of the house his arms wrapped tightly around his legs his ears flattened and soaked to his head as it rained, he refused to go to the dog house where Dora, Rex, and even Lincoln were inside; trembling slightly Jasper hugged his legs tighter to his body and briefly glanced to the back door has he had done for the past week of being outside without being allowed inside at all.

Whining softly Jasper dropped his head back to his knees and sniffled a bit before he jumped startled when the back door opened suddenly and his owner stood there glancing around till his gaze stayed on him, "Why aren't you in the doghouse with the others?" His owner asked crossing his arms and holding the door open just enough with his foot.

"I..d-don't wanna.." Jasper replied softly shivering a bit before he moved his arms to be at his chest and in between his legs to try and be slightly warm. His owner sighed a bit before the door closed once more leaving Jasper in silence before he started to space out trembling and shivering wildly now.

"Get inside and dry yourself off" His owner voice startled Jasper out of the daze he was in, "Actually, I want you to take a hot shower then come to my room.." His owner said looking Jasper over before he moved forward picking him up, "Come on" He pressed softly placing a small kiss to Jasper forehead and taking him inside.

Jasper shook now as he leaned heavily against his owner warm side his head buried in his owner shoulder the best he was able as he was taken to the bathroom, he whined at being taken away from the warmth though his owner sighed and undressed him of his soaked clothing, "Get into the shower Jasper" the breath of his owner on his cold shoulder made Jasper move forward and get into the shower standing there arms wrapped around his middle.

His owner looked him over before moving forward and turning the water on making Jasper yelp out in surprise at the sudden heat of the warming water, "Hush, Keep still" His owner ordered and doing as told Jasper did eyes half-way closed as the growing hot water was even out and his owners hands were in his hair; the dull smell of shampoo filling Jasper nose as he leaned and lifted his head a bit into the hands that rubbed his scalp.

His owner hands removed themselves from his hair making Jasper whine quietly before he fell silent once more and just closed his eyes tightly when water was suddenly over his head, he made a small face when his head was angled upwards slightly and once more a hand was in his hair though now pushing it back and rubbing at area's to clear it of the shampoo; soon the water was gone from his head and Jasper opened his eyes slowly and perked his ears a bit at being told to hold his arms out from his body.

Jasper watched, small tail wagging behind him as his arms were washed softly with a wash cloth followed by his shoulders and chest before down his stomach, he whined softly and tilted his head when his owner turned him around and did the same starting with the back of his shoulders then down though stopping at his wagging tail, "..Turn back around then" His owner grumbled making Jasper confused since his owner had started to wash him and seemed to now not want to.

"I..can wash myself now?" Jasper suggested lightly unsure, though he was rewarded with a hand patting his chest and the soapy washcloth in his right hand, "K.." He murmured out lightly smiling a bit and finishing where his owner trailed off happily since it seemed he wasn't in trouble anymore.

Jasper whined when suddenly water was over his head once more before he went down his body short and quickly washing the soap away, he tilted his head back and hunched his shoulders at the water going back up before he turned around so he could be finished and get out of the shower.

"Stay" His owner grumbled out shortly to him the water turning off and obeying Jasper stayed in the shower shaking his head a few times to try and keep water from his ears before he yelped when he was suddenly yanked up and out of the shower and a towel was placed on his shoulders, "Dry your body" His owner stated simply before another towel was placed on Jasper head and starting to dry his hair.


Jasper curled heavily half-way on his owner chest enjoying the missed warmth and comfort of being with his owner, he rumbled out throatily at the fingers that was combing through his hair gently rubbed at his scalp before scratching an ear which made him bury his face into his owner chest pressing himself more into him.

"You're going to apologize to Jazz for you behaver last week," His owner voice made Jasper lift his head though he dropped it quickly at his words, "If you don't you'll being an outside pet" His owner added making Jasper whimper and curl more into his body, "Then I'm sure you're going to say sorry then right?"

Jasper nodded quietly and stiffly though relaxed at the hand that was in his hair, "Good boy" His owner murmured out softly and shifted himself causing Jasper to have to move and change how he was laying.


Jasper laid in the backseat of the car head tilted to the window to look at the pasting tree's with barely open eyes before he yelped and his body jerked from the seat almost falling to the floor when the car suddenly came to a stop, he whined out his displeasement and shifted to sit up and be away from the floor ignoring the soft laughter of his owner who was getting out of the car.

"You're only warning is one thing wrong and your outside" His owner said once Jasper got out the car, "Walk," His owner added shooing him forward to the gated yard around the female house; Jasper moved forward stiffly before he relaxed himself and entered the yard slowly glancing back at his owner slowly.

"Oi, Fefe!" His owner called out smiling making Jasper frown heavily before he shifted his weight and lift his head towards the door of the house as it opened and Jazz rushed out with a loud bark before falling quiet at seeing him, "He'll be good this time, come on" His owner said walking around him towards Jazz petting the smaller man's head loving causing Jasper to quickly have a fit of whines and whimpers.

"Quiet Jasper," His owner sighed out his hand dropping from Jazz's head and he moved to go hug the female smiling once more, Jasper pouted a bit before he shifted his body away from his owner and female towards Jazz who was staring at him quietly, "...I'm sorry Jazz.." He murmured out head lowered to his chest.

"..It's, um, okay.." Jazz muttered out smiling lightly towards Jasper who nodded a bit at him returning the smile slightly, "...Well.. uh, what do you want.. do..?" He asked his smiling fading a bit.

"...We can just go sit on the porch.." Jasper answered glancing to the porch to see that his owner and the female weren't on it, "Talk a bit.. better than sitting on the ground and doing nothing there.." He added lightly moving to the porch and taking a seat on the second to the top step smiling a bit at Jazz following and sitting on the top stairs leaning against the railing.

"..So, What do you want to talk about..?" Jazz asked his ears twitching a bit as he focused on his hands and then Jasper who had shrugged in reply to the subject of something to talk about, "...Well.. Why do you love your owner so much..?" Jazz breathed out quietly ducking his head and curling into himself quickly after asking fearing he made Jasper angry at him for it.

Jasper stopped himself from lunging at Jazz for the question and slumped back huffing angrily, "Because I do.." He growled out lowly before he huffed once more, "You love your owner a lot don't you?" He questioned to Jazz who blinked then nodded sharply in reply, "Then there's no difference to it.." He grumbled out lowly.

"There is.." Jazz said slowly moving his gaze to rest on Jasper body, "You love love you owner.. and you shouldn't.." He breathed out softly before he squeaked at Jasper punching him in his thigh harshly, "..W-what was that for!?" He yelped out rubbing his throbbing in pain thigh now.

"You can't tell me who I should love and not" Jasper grumbled out heavily before he sighed heavily and slumped his shoulders, "You would love your owner like I do if you knew what he does for me..." He murmured out gently head dropping to rest in his knees which he pulled to his chest.

Jazz blinked a bit before he shifted slowly to gently rub his cheek against Jasper's head, "...I'm sure I would.. but.. it's a bit unhealthy to love your owner.. they never return the feelings and if they do.. bad things happen to them for it.." He whispered quietly to the other as he hugged Jasper closer a bit happy at himself for being able to be so close to the younger.


Jasper smiled a bit at Jazz who smiled back and patted his head before he pulled himself away and shifted his weight on the porch step, he stretched out a bit before he glanced to the house door and sighed, "Why does my owner like yours so much?" Jasper asked suddenly breaking the silence that was between the two of them.

Jazz eyed him a bit though turned his gaze away at Jasper turning towards him, "Every human wants a partner and.. since they get along... they like each other.." He answered a bit glancing towards Jasper to see if the other wanted more to the answer.

"Yeah but still, My owner had plenty other partners that were way better than your owner" Jasper said huffing, "And there's nothing special about her at all other than her just making my owner smile more" He added a bit ignoring the glare from Jazz at having spoke about his owner with such dislike.

"It doesn't matter if one is better, You owner is with mine because she makes him happy! That's why there together" Jazz snapped out crossing his arms and glaring firmly at Jasper who stared back at him with furrowed gray eyebrows.

Jasper scoffed after a bit and removed his gaze from Jazz glaring one, "...I, My owner isn't the only person I love you know.. I have Emmet.. though he turned out to be more of a pushy, bossy, and annoying step-brother than someone I could really love...but I do love him..." He murmured out lightly glad that Jazz stopped glaring at him when he had stopped speaking.

"How do you know?" Jazz asked after a bit of silence, "How can you be sure that your feelings for him are just blocked but your feelings for you owner?" He questioned before he arched his eyebrow at Jasper blushing a bit.

"..I know, cause, we.. like kissed... a few times but.. it never felt quite right.." Jasper replied clearing his throat, "And he is a pushy, bossy, and annoying little spoiled brat now.. He's more spoiled than I will ever be.." He grumbled out before he blinked and glared now in return at Jazz who was giggling under his breath, "It's not funny!" he barked out before he bared his teeth a bit and pushed Jazz away from him roughly earning a yelp from the giggling other.

"I-It is!" Jazz protested out as he got to his feet and jumped from the stairs to the ground grinning widely now, "I never thought I would see you blush" He said amused his tan brown tail wagging behind him and his ears perked perfectly upwards as he stared happily towards Jasper who was still glaring at him.

Jasper stumbled to his feet before he jumped at Jazz who barked out and ran off to the side of the house, he growled softly before he followed slowly with a small limp since his foot was at the worst time possible numb, he though easier corner Jazz against the house which he was proud of smirking down at the other who stared at him, "I'm not gonna bite ya, I'm not allowed to or I'll get in trouble and have to be an outside pet"

Jazz continued to stare at him before blinking once and suddenly Jasper was shoved back in turned caused him to fall and land on his back with a grunt though the air left his lungs when Jazz weight was on him, "Wha.." He coughed out confused on why the other had suddenly shoved him when everything seemed fine though his brain shut down at Jazz's lips against his own roughly.

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