Hey guys this is my first story! Tell me what you guys think, I'm also thinking about a zombie story so that maybe another story I'll create! Well, here is Senseless Assassin.

Senseless Assassin

Chapter 1

A girl dressed in black ran through the midnight streets. A group of men armed with weapons, were chasing after her. The girl turned a corner and was caught in an alley. She turned around and was blocked by a wall. "Stop right there! We have you surrounded." They were none other than the police. The girl would always get into trouble like this. She was only doing it for a good cause.

"State your name and come with us. Get down on your knees!" The girl pulled her hood over head more, so her face could not be seen. She got down on her knees and put her head down. The police rushed towards her and in a blur, the girl hopped up and jumped on top of a building.

The police officers gasped and looked around. "Detective, where do you think she-, "The officer was interrupted when an arrow pierced his back and came through his stomach. The man fell to the floor lifeless, blood pouring out.

The police officers wasted no time calling an ambulance and fleeing the spot. The girl stood on top of the building and smirked in triumph as she made her way home, making sure her bow and arrows were with her.

A caramel colored haired girl woke up and stretched from her bed. Last night's events were a success. She stood up and looked at her reflection in her mirror. Her hair was messy and her dark blue eyes wore a tired look. Her skin was tanned and had perfect curves. She was tall and had the figure of a model. She was dressed in black sweatpants and a red t-shirt, her original pajamas.

Deciding to clean herself up, she took a shower, washed her face and brushed her teeth. The girl dressed in loose black khaki pants, dark blue shirt and her original black sneakers. Her room was white and had shelves of books. She had no TV like an average person would.

A white shelf consisted of weapons, mostly bow and arrows, a sword and one hand gun. In a corner stood a closet which contained her jackets and a dresser that contained her clothes. Her name was Dakota Emmerson, 15 years old, also known as the assassin the police were dying to catch. She went downstairs to see her mother and father reading the paper. They were Dakota's trainers of being an assassin.

"Good morning sweetheart, after breakfast your father will do your morning training routine." He mother Ava Emmerson stated.

Dakota nodded and pulled out a box of cereal as she began to eat. "You know, I heard what you did last night." Her father Michael Emmerson said.

Her parents looked like her only Michael had blonde hair. Dakota began eating her bowl, "Oh really?" Michael showed her today's paper. It read 'MYSTERY KILLER STILL ON THE LOSE' "Did they see you?" Ava asked. "No, my head was still down." Dakota's voice was sweet, and had a nice ring towards it.

"You know they have that arrow and can trace it to your fingertips. I thought I told you to be careful when doing this Dakota!" Michael scolded. He wasn't angry, just disappointed.

Dakota finished her bowl and put it in the sink, making sure to wash it. "Ok, ok, I'm sorry." Ava sighed. "Calm down, she's still learning, she's only 15 Michael." Dakota looked at her parents before turning towards her dad. "That training session you were talking about?"

The two were on the rooftop, sitting cross legged on the ledge, with their eyes closed. They could see the whole city from where they were located, which was in New York City. The family decided to live in the quietest place possible. People were too busy with their lives to look up and notice Dakota and Michael sitting there.

"Ready to begin?" Michael asked smirking. Dakota nodded and can almost see her dad's expression. Without warning, Michael pushed his daughter off the ledge. Dakota gasped as she grabbed the ledge out of instinct. She used her arms to swing herself back onto the rooftop.

The girl smiled as she put her hands on her hips. "That was unexpected Dad." Michael still held his expression, "That was part of your training." Dakota frowned in confusion. "Huh?" Her dad walked up to her.

"Always feel your enemy sneaking up on you and expect the unexpected. Feel their actions and listen to their movements closely." Dakota nodded. "How do I do that?" She asked.

"You must learn to sharpen your senses. Close your eyes." Dakota questioned but kept it to herself as she did what she was told. "Listen closely, what do you hear?"

"The wind, car horns and people talking." Michael nodded. "Good, you hear your surroundings." Her dad walked away from her. "What do you hear now?" Dakota frowned, "The same things." Michael sighed.

"Concentrate on your hearing abilities. This will help you as an assassin." Dakota focused and heard faint footsteps. "I hear…you! You're walking away from me." Michael nodded and picked up a rock. "Open your eyes and look." Dakota revealed her blue orbs of eyes and faced her dad. "I'm going to throw this rock, and you need to hear where it lands and locate it." Dakota widened her eyes.

"How do I-, "The brunette was interrupted when Michael put a finger to his lips. "You can do this, just focus." Dakota nodded and waited for him to throw the rock. "Close your eyes and listen closely."

Michael threw the rock over the ledge and already heard its landing. Dakota shot her eyes open and started talking. "Right next to the supermarket we go to, and just a few feet away from the alley." Michael grinned,"Perfect, if you continue this, you're hearing senses will be great! Also know your surroundings, training is finished for today."

Michael went through a door and back into the house. Dakota walked over the ledge, and hovered over it. She clutched the small blue pendent around her neck, before walking back into the house.

Dakota lay on her bed and stared at her ceiling. She had spent hours thinking about her way of life. It was now one in the afternoon, training finished 3 hours ago. Dakota remembered how she became an assassin. She was born into it, her ancestors were had that role for years. Throughout her life, she was never normal and never stayed in places for long.

As soon as Dakota was able to walk her parents taught her how to sprint, at age 10 handle a bow and arrow, when she was thirteen she was able to jump from buildings and trees. Dakota had a lot of scars and blisters from hopping from buildings all the time. The pain never bothered Dakota much as she began to get used to it.

Even though she shouldn't worry about it, Dakota couldn't help wonder what it felt to be normal. Go to school, get a good education and most of all have friends. The thing she can never get. Although, she was home schooled, it just didn't feel the same.

Dakota's eyes traveled away from the ceiling and towards the books and scrolls on her shelves. Her parents brought them to her as birthday gifts. Behind the assassin life, Dakota was just like any other human being, except for the fact that she lived in the life of danger.

The reason why her family assassinated people was because they felt it was of a good cause. There were some gangs and other murders running around New York. The police never catch them, that's why her and her family is here; to protect.

The only reason Dakota killed that police officer was because he was apart of a gang, only trying to get dirty information for his boss. "Dakota we need you down here! Come to the basement!" Her father yelled out. Dakota stood up from her bed and made her way to said place.

The basement was actually a computer lab. It's where all of the missions are located and how they were able to assassinate bad people. Ava and Michael were sitting in chairs and staring at the computer screen.

"What's up?" She asked. "You have a mission today." Dakota sighed. "Already, what do I have to do?" Ava turned around from her chair, "That gang member you just killed happened to be close friends with the leader. Consider him as co-leader, but anyways their after you. They call for a fight at the alley you killed him in. If not they will find you."

Dakota nodded and asked, "Ok so basically I have to kill them right?" Michael frowned,"It's not easy they are just as skilled as you are. Try your best to assassinate them. If you don't they can kill us." Dakota nodded and gave a salute. "I'll be going now."

"Wait!" Her mom called out. "They'll be expecting a fight at midnight. I suggest you start practicing some moves and making a couple of arrows. Also don't say a word or you'll give away your identity." Dakota gave a nod before fleeing to her room.

The honey colored brunette was in the center of her room, practicing moves and other things that were complicated. A bark of wood was in the corner, that way her arrow making could begin when she finished her moves. After a couple of kicks and air punches, Dakota dropped to the floor and began doing push ups.

The warm up became difficult as she stood in a complete hand stand and pushed up and down. The brunette wasn't breaking a sweat yet. Dakota flipped back up in a standing position as she went to her pile of wood and began making more arrows.

The sun dropped down and the moon came up. It was midnight, as the clock struck twelve. Dakota threw on her black hoodie and walked downstairs dressed in complete black, also putting her sheath of arrows on her back along with her bow. Her parents waited by the door to say goodbye.

"I'll be back in an hour. The battle might go on longer, I'm not sure." Her parents nodded and gave her a hug. Dakota opened the front door as she walked into the cold breezy night. The brunette began to make her way to the alley. The girl lay against the wall and waited for her predators.

It's been three minutes and Dakota was getting ready to leave before ten teenage boys walked up. One who was muscular stood in front of the group and smirked while pointing. "Sorry were late, we've had a bit of training to do. We heard you killed our master in command, are you ready to be in his position?" Dakota wanted to say something before remembering what her mom said.

"Don't say a word or you'll give away your identity." Dakota merely shrugged before getting up from her position on the wall. "Do you talk?" One person asked from the shadows, it sounded like a girl. 'So girls are in gangs too huh?' Dakota thought. Although the question was asked, Dakota gave the same action and hunched her shoulders.

"I command you to talk now!" The leader said as he pulled out a shot gun. The honey brunette did the same, only pulling out a bow and arrow. The gang roared in laughter at her actions. "That little bow isn't gonna do anything! This here," He pointed at his weapon.

"It causes real damage, go on do something with it!" They were underestimating her, something she expected. Dakota smirked before putting the bow and arrow in its position.

The leader held out a finger and then put it down. A gunshot was heard and a bullet whizzed past Dakota's head, in which she only stepped to the side. The gang began shooting at the fifteen year old. To act, Dakota pretended she was hurt and dropped to her knees. She let out a gasp and played dead.

The gang laughed as the leader stood in front of her body and turned to face his friends. "See this? Pure weakness, this didn't take long." One of the boys stopped laughing and cocked his head to the side. "What is it John?" Said boy John gasped, "She's gone!" The leader turned around to see that Dakota's body wasn't found.

An arrow pierced John's throat, his hands moved up to the arrow as he fell without a word. "Helen! Go get her she's on top of the roof!" The leader ordered. Helen nodded and jumped onto the top of the building. 'Mom was right, they do have the same skill as me,' Dakota thought. Still thinking, Helen jumped from behind the brunette and kicked her in the back.

Dakota turned around and gave the girl a kick in the mouth. Helen flew back a couple of feet as Dakota ran and jumped onto another building. It suddenly became quiet, a bit too quiet. The brunette remembered what her dad told her and listened closely. She heard faint footsteps and felt a draft.

Someone was behind her, so without thinking, Dakota flipped behind her victim and shot an arrow through his arm. Dakota picked him up and threw him over the ledge. A hand grabbed her wrist and pinned her to the floor. It was a girl and was grabbing her by the hair.

The brunette bit the girl's hand until blood appeared, making the girl let go. "Ugh! My hand you jerk!" The girl screamed at Dakota as she kicked her off the ledge. Dakota held on and noticed a window below her. Using her feet to kick the window open, Dakota leapt inside and held her weapon, making sure no one was around. "Don't be fooled!"

She heard a voice say. Dakota sharply turned around to meet face to face with the leader. He had a hood on so she couldn't see his face. Dakota aimed and almost pierced his heart. The leader used his gun and tried to shoot her ankle. The girl jumped in the air as the bullet went into the floor.

The leader shot again to which Dakota fell out of a nearby window. A thump was heard as Dakota tried getting up. A teenage boy jumped out from the window and aimed his gun at the brunette's head. The Dakota pulled out an arrow and shot his stomach. The boy landed in front of Dakota's feet as she kicked him in the head. Footsteps were heard as she leapt from her spot and onto buildings.

Dakota stopped on a roof and rested her back against the ledge. She was so tired and wanted nothing more than to go to sleep in her nice warm bed. Her feet were sore from running and were positive that the blisters on her feet were opening up. Dakota couldn't fail this mission or else her parents will be in danger. She felt something hot run down her leg.

Pulling up her khaki's she revealed her ankle, bloody and a small hole right above the ankle bone. 'How did this happen?' she thought, then as if on cue, a memory appeared in her mind. She remembered fighting the leader and he almost shot her ankle, almost. She must've not have jumped right on time when the bullet made its way in. Dakota faintly touched it and winced.

Right now, her only goal was to make it home safely. Slowly standing up, Dakota limped her way and looked over the ledge. If she jumped, her ankle would break for sure. 'Great, how am I supposed to win now?' she thought. The girl heard a series of footsteps coming towards her. Dakota was positive it was the gang. Two black figures stood in front of her while five stood on her left and right side.

One tall teenager; the leader walked up to Dakota. "You've managed to kill and injure some of my members, but not all." The brunette didn't look at him as her heart pounded in her chest. "You will experience a long and painful death." He said as he grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the side. Dakota groaned and couldn't feel her ankle as if it went numb.

The leader walked in front of her, picked her up and tossed her over the ledge like a rag doll. Dakota's head spun from the impact of concrete. How she was alive at this very moment, she didn't even know. The eight members surrounded her and pulled out guns. Dakota was vulnerable at this very moment.

The brunette wished someone would come and save her, anyone. Before a trigger could be pulled, some struggle and sounds of metal was heard. Bodies fell and Dakota could make out someone running, until a hand reached out towards her. It was then Dakota fainted.

*Senseless Assassin*

A person dressed in a red t-shirt, black short shorts, leggings, brown boots and a long black coat that reached her knees carried a young brunette girl. The person brushed her bangs to the side as she made her way to the girl's home. She couldn't believe she found this girl vulnerable and alone.

Blood dripped to the ground as it came from the girl's ankle. The savior's name was Misty Alabama, fifteen and known as an assassin. Misty didn't know who this girl was, but knew where she lived. Her boss assigned her a mission to help out anyone in the area. Apparently, Misty found her.

Misty stopped jumping on buildings and stood in front of a house. Misty carefully placed the girl on the doorstep and knocked on the door. A woman with honey colored hair and green eyes looked to see her daughter unconscious on the ground.

She looked around to see who brought her. Seeing as no one revealed themselves, the woman picked her daughter up and went inside her house. Misty stood on the roof and looked at the scene below, before smiling and going on her merry way.

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