'' Dark, what's up at the location? Is it secure yet?'' I blink over at Garin, mouthing nothing yet, clutching my communicator box tighter in my hand. Garin takes his, whispering quick words into to alert the gang there's nothing from Roxie or her team yet. I lean against the pillar, letting most of my body weight to lay on it instead of having to support myself.

My eyes darted to the guards, swords ready, eyes glaring at no one in particular, mindless. Behind them was the mother load for street lords.

A supply train had come in for the Capies, the rich and happy people. About once every month this happens, but never at the same time. This prevents the likeliness of us streeties high jacking the supply train. Streeties are the different ones, the ones who cant afford to be like every other damn soul out there. Their the ones who look different, not as "perfect" as the Capies. And because their different their outcastes. I guess you could call us street lords robin hoods.

'' Dark? Do you read? Rocks answer me!'' Static frazzled in my ear, anger rising in my chest and boiling thick in my blood.

'' Garin, report back to the Wolves. Tell them I went to find Roxie. Do not follow me understood?'' He nods, fear swimming in his eyes and he stands. I offer a smile, one I didn't believe in myself. I hoped it did the trick with all my might. I've always been quite the good liar, being the leader of a street gang and all. I watched, his lithe, child frame speeding down the alley and heading back to our gang. So brave for a little eleven year old. The age of the troops that actually leave the base rang from seven to eighteen, but we house people any age.

'' Rocks, you better be hurt or Ima kill you,'' I mutter, springing out of my hiding place. I grip my sword, twisting mid-air and kicking the guard square in the chest, forcing him down into the dirt. He goes down, my force knocking him unconscious as well. I spin around, glaring at the men as four swarm around me like fly's to honey.

'' The girl is waiting. Come peacefully or we'll kill her on the spot. You know it's true.''

'' Shut up Vaughn. You cant manipulate me and you know you cant,'' I snarl, lowering to a crouch and taking the attach stance I taught my gang back home.

'' Use you're ability. I'm not lying.'' I growl, secretly feeling for the lie in his words. Emptiness filled my senses. I knew he wasn't lying. Power buzzes from my skin, moving fast and sharp against me. My mind goes blank.

I clamp my eyes shut, breathing deeply I stand to full height. I open my eyes, glaring at Vaughn with piercing eyes. He cackles, striding behind me and pressing his dagger to my back. I grip my sword tighter, slamming it back into its sheath when the metal pierced my skin. A low growl leaves me, anger swirling around me thickly.

'' Power down now.'' I snarl, tightening my entire body. Reluctantly I breath deep, shutting myself down. Turning my head I glance backwards at Vaughn.

'' Happy now?'' I sneer as I begin to walk into the facility. I feel him shrug behind me, propelling me forward with the flat end of the blade. We gave up guns and bombs a long time ago, using swords and bows equaled a more fair fight in the Main Cap's eyes.

I had left my bow back at base, thinking this would be an easy job. Boy was I wrong there or what?

I stumbled into the cool white dome, workers murmuring to each other, gazing at me with terrified eyes. I grin sideways to myself, I terrified them. Serves them right in my opinion. Not that that mattered though.

Vaughn cackled madly behind me, swiping his ID card to the icy door and shoving me in. I hiss, timidly raising my arm ever so slightly. I rammed it backwards, jabbing with all my might into Vaughn's abdomen.

He moaned as he dropped back to the floor. Growling I thrust out my sword, digging the tip slightly into his neck and drawling a trickle of blood. Vaughn struggles, forcing his body up. I slam my foot down on his chest, forcing him back to the cold cement floor.

'' Tell me where my friend is. NOW!'' I hiss, pressing harder on my hilt. Vaughn coughs, his eyes chaining mine. I snarl, glaring at him, telling him I meant business. I breathed deeply, power surging through my veins, captivating my skin.'' And I'll know if you're lying,'' I added, my voice thick with venom.

'' Room 5, section 7.'' Vaughn chocked out, pounding his head back into the floor in defeat. I grin, snatching his ID card and sheathing my sword.

'' You can keep your life. I don't owe you jack, but maybe you'll consider this next time we run into each other, '' I snap, before racing down the plain white halls. I twist down a passage way, passing two workers. They yelled, scrambling away to find an emergency button. I smile, swiping his card down the blue slot of the room I knew Roxie was in.

'' ROCKS!'' I barge in, sword at the ready. I scan the room, Roxie was out cold, lying on the floor of a cage, bruises covering most of her small body. Her long raven hair covered most of her face, I bit my lip, anxiety rolling in me in waves.

A woman and man stood next to the cage, clipboard in hand. Her light hair was up in a neat and tidy bun, like most Capies wear their hair if it's long. He was a twin of her, just short hair.

'' Wake her up Jemison.'' The woman's voice was silky, smooth and calming. Drowsiness washed over me, I struggled, groping desperately for the power I knew was buried away. I gripped it, holding strong against her mind tricks.

The fair-skinned man banged on the cage, Roxie jumping to her feet with fear shinning in her eyes brightly. Guards swarmed the room, swords and bows all pointed at me.

I breathed deep, scanning their eyes. They weren't going to take what I had to give. I hoisted up my arms, before kneeling down and lying my sword flat on the ground.

'' Now boys and girls, lets not get hasty about this. I'm sure we can handle this like adults.'' I raised my eyes brows, glancing around at the fair skinned people. Roxie pressed her body against the cage, eyes wide and pleading. She inched her head back and forth, urging me with her eyes to leave. I smiled at her wearily. '' Well… I know I can,'' I added smugly, smirking.

'' How about a trade off?'' I glanced sideways at the woman, her light eyes shinning with success. I stood back up, reaching full height and glared at her square in the eye.

'' Roxie will go free?''

'' Yes.'' Quickly I searched her word, feeling through the light voice and the emotions clouding it. I scanned it over once more, breathing deeply. There was no lie.

Rocks shook her head, her eyes wide and disbelieving. Her fingers coiled around the bars, clutching with all her might. I shrugged, taking a cautious step towards the cage. The woman placed her fingertips of the panel of odd buttons and dials, tapping impatiently. I raised my arms, twisting my wrists over and curling my hands in fists.

'' Well you gunna cuff me or what?''