I smirked, trudging through the hall with my head held high, chin jutted out and all. We halted in front of the door, I raised my cuffed hands innocently. ''I cant go in there cuffed you know? Wouldn't want a bad first impression.'' I grin smugly as the cuffs clatter to the floor.

He tossed me into the room, grinning as I stumble clumsily on my feet and barley make it in my chair. Once I was collected, I crossed my legs, slow and mockingly. I carefully place my hands on my knees, regaining my large smirk.

'' Vianna Rose Grindock?''

'' Present! But I think the rest of the class skipped today.'' Her light blue eyes flashed, shinning with anger as they flicker from mine to the large, taut, stack of neatly pilled papers stocked in a mountainous pile.

'' Do you even know how deep you're in?''

'' Ah, well I'm afraid I have no idea what you speak of. The only thing I'm "deep in" is hunger. I mean MAN could I go for a nice juicy burger right bout now.'' I smile sweetly. Her small frame stiffened. I didn't need my ability to know I had angered her fiercely, but hey, I was great at that.

'' Assault on an officer, trespassing, stealing, and resisting arrest! And those are just today's charges!'' She shook her light haired head furiously. I narrowed my eyes, muscles constricting a blink of an eye. I focused in on her iris, black fear swimming amongst color. I relaxed, grinning at the fact that I scared her. She cleared her throat as she squirmed around, looking quite uncomfortable. I seem to have that effect on "authority'' figures. We just never seem to be able to get along. No clue why.

'' Don't lie, I was arrested for not being one of your perfect little Capies. So sorry it's an inconvenience for my people to have to live on stuff other then dirt,'' I growled, digging my nails into the hard wood. Doubt consumed her features.

'' Your people hum? Well then miss big pants, one more move like that and you'll be executed. And so will YOU precious people.'' I shrugged, slowly and foolishly. As if I gave a hoot if they took my life or not. I was angry now, before I was just playing with her head, but now I'm really going to mess with her. She had crossed the line. Power shines in my eyes venomously.

'' What a shame that'd be Miranda. Or should I call you Ronda? That's what the guard out there calls you when he's murmuring to you at home. You're absolutely in love with him, and he says he loves you.'' I pause, gracefully lifting myself from the chair and slinking up to her desk. I brace my body against it, glowing with power. My fingers coil around the edge, I tip in closer.

I focus on the strings between the two. Pink and yellow stream from her outside the door, only to be returned with murky greens and yellows. I smirk as terror swims inside her. Power lapped inside my body, begging for more attention. I craved the power, I needed it. I wanted it. I had to have it.

'' But you know what? He doesn't! He feels only disgust and distain for a hateful, vile creature like yourself! Miranda Jane Cookson. Daughter of Gina Gergiev and Kyle Gergiev. Born the shadow of a perfect sister, Fiona. Always set aside. Always forgotten. Especially when she became president of inventory and you became a joke of an appeals secretary. You think your life's so pitiful? Hmm? Ha! You're pathetic story causes me laughter I didn't know I could muster, '' I spat, laughing menacingly. My eyes darken. My body lifts off the ground, power holding me in the air. My arms spread wide, eyes glowing bitterly, colors shimmer around my body, most of hate and anger.

'' Stop you're trickery now vile little witch!'' Heat surges through my veins, anger rising in my chest. I laugh, my voice bone chilling and sharp as a newly cut blade. My body trembles, I grin evilly, eyes darkening to complete blackness. Her eyes returned to mine, completely and utterly horrified. What was I doing? I struggled against the power, fighting it with all my will. But I could not contain the words that slipped poisonously from my regretful and traitorous mouth.

'' He's cheating on you with the secretary, I mean who else? He couldn't be more cliché could he now? You must be terrible for him to have to sink THAT low. Your sister turned out on top once more! That's just absolutely amazing luck you got there darling. Feels like hell does it not? HA! To live such "misery"! YOU do not dwell near, nor even stand near the horrid company of misery and angst!''

'' Guards! Guards help!'' I smirk venomously, power gripping me forcefully. I breathe, closing my eyes. In and out, forcing the power rest at bay. I tumbled to the floor, landing in a heap of myself and raw power I had shed. I struggle to breathe as two men drag me by my arms from the room.

I go limp, not even thinking of considering to fight back. I had done caused enough pain. They threw me to the floor, slamming the door with a loud bang that echoed through my body. I lay there, unable to move.

I have powers as you see, magnificent ones. But the power is too much for me, it always has been. If I don't power down within a certain amount of time, that happens. It consumes me, wraps its deathly grip around me and pulls me down.

It…. It controls me, possesses me. The raw power is too much for my untrained soul to control for more then a small amount of time. Everyone knows of my powers, they presented themselves when my family was murdered right before my eyes.

We were different, as far as I know that'd the only reason why they were killed, my twin brother along with our mother and father. I was hiding under the bed when it occurred, sparred by some strange reason I couldn't understand. I have sworn to avenge them.

And here is where I'll do just that.

Once I had calmed myself down, locking my power back away deep inside me, I surveyed the room. Two army bunks rested next to each other on the opposite wall of the door. Moth devoured, neatly settled sheets told me no one had been here in awhile. The floor was blanketed with a thick layer of grime and dirt, another sign no one had been put here for awhile. Or at least came to clean it. A lone toilet sat in a corner. Glancing at it made shivers tingle up my spine.

'' Ew..'' I mutter before claming the bed pressed against the wall as mine. I mulled over the thought of pushing them together, but whisked it away after I spotted the bars melted into the floor. I spring up, curling my fingers around the bars and pressing my face to it. I made faces at a guard, sticking out my tongue and puffing out my cheeks. He didn't even glance. So much for having any fun in this rat hole.

'' Yo, guard guy. I'm starved when's dinner?'' He inches his head in my direction, I assumed he was glaring at me through his steely shades. I made another face.

'' Common man! Us streeties give what we got to the lil kiddies! I hungry! I aint eaten in days. I'm….starving,'' I wailed, swaying my hips as I clung to the bars. My stomach growled almost on cue, low and loud, echoing through the room. The man's thickly padded shoulders slumped, he grumbled to himself and left the room. Satisfied with what I had done I traced to cool and bumpy, rust enveloped lock with my fingertips. I inspected my nails, sharp and completely fake. Pure steel, flicked with silver.

I dig my finger nails into the lock, twisting and turning until I hear the vital click of freedom. I scan the room, eyes frantically searching for guards. None were in my cell area. I skid out the door, racing down the halls as fast, and quietly, as my feet would carry me. Two workers stomped down the hall, my eyes widened in panic. I groped for my sword, frowning at the loss of touch with my handle. They freakin took my sword when they made me put on these stupid prison clothes. Steaming with rage, I slipped into a unlocked room, not caring who or what was in there.

It was empty. I dashed to the control panel, knowing I had only minutes. My fingers danced along the keys, pulling up screens off hundreds of different rooms. I narrow my eyes, tossing the rooms away and digging into the files.

Alarms sliced through the air, screaming and wailing above my head. Adrenaline surged through me, tempting my power. I gulped it down, searching through the files. I came to a very interesting one; Street dwellers. I interlocked on it, my fingers racing along the keypad to find the code.

'' FREEZE! Remove your hands from the board or I'll shoot!'' Rage flares inside me, power seeping through my skin. Color encases my skin, lifting me from the ground.

I panic, screaming as the power surges inside me, begging for more attention. I struggle, squirming away from the power as much as possible, letting out muffled little screams.

'' Shoot me! Do it or I'll kill you PLEASE!'' I scream as the power holds me prisoner. My body trembles, switching over. Rage boils through my veins. My eyes darken, a sinister grin twisting on my lips. I watch, horrified, at what I am doing, air and color swirling around me, evilly.

'' You wont kill me. I am more powerful then you think with your tiny little brain. Wouldn't you like to know what happened to your dear wife? How about your son? Hum?'' The man stiffened, curiosity nipping at his senses. He lowered the gun to the floor, flashing his palms. Wait, he had a gun? What?

'' That's what I'm talking about. Their dead. Shot execution style, right through the brains. Tied and assaulted then murdered. While you did what? NOTHING! You sat around at home eating cake your wife had made, not even wondering where your innocent family could be! They were killed at YOUR expense!''

The guard dropped to his knees, sobbing, my lips twisted up into a larger grin, my traitor lips. I laughed venomously. A boom echoed through the air, my breath caught in my throat, pain welling in my side. I tumbled to the floor, the power leaking through me, not wanting to endure the pain. And then, nothing.