I frown when my phone rings. Why now? Why the hell now!? Aaron glances down at the pocket where my phone was. I glance up at him one more time, and jab my phone moodily out of my pocket. Stupid phone. The minute I press the green button a voice interrupts me loudly,

"HELLO HELLO, Hello!" Milly yells. I cringe, and pull the phone away from my ear. I wait a minute, and not hearing anything coming out, I put the phone hesitantly back on my ear,

"Done?" I ask, frowning.

"Huh?" She asks confused, "Anyway, where are you? I thought you said you were at the game, it started a minute ago. I've practically searched the whole crow for you. My eyes BURN" I look up at Aaron, and I start walking. He follows me.

"Milly, why did you have to call?" I ask annoyed. Aaron smirks. I roll my eyes.

"Um….oh I see, you were talking to the lover boy-" She starts. I sometimes wonder if she has attached a camera to me "HEY LOVER BOY-" She yell, I press the red button as soon as she started yelling. Oh my.

"Who was that?" Aaron asks, amusingly looking down at me. I look away,

"My friend Milly" I explain. Sighing, she could be so annoying sometimes. He chuckles, and stuffs his hand into his pockets. His dimples showing slightly. A few girls walk by, giggling at Aaron. Does that always happen to him?

"Do you know where our seat are?" I ask, breaking the small silence.

"Yeah, here's your ticket" He says pulling them out of his pocket.

"Thanks" I mumble.

"LalalalalalaLA! LA LA LA LALLA" I back away from her. What the hell was up with her?! She smiles in my face, and then backs away realizing my discomfort.

"Why are you so happy?" I mumble. She wasn't-over a boy right?

"I got-why are you so glum?" She asks, folding her arms, and cocking her right leg.

"I ASKED you first" I say, exaggerating everything.

"Well, unlike you! I am willing to tell my best friend everything!" She says, trying to sound annoyed. "I put wet tampons sticking out of her back-pack!" She squeals. Wet tampons?

"You ran them under water right?" I chuckle once. She was so smart. She nods her head,

"And it worked!" She says, she usually wasn't this girly.

"Oh" I say annoyed. The last bell rings, and I grab my back-pack from laying on the ground. While staring straight at Milly still.

"Ready?" I ask. She walks with me to my car. She was coming over to my house for the first time. That better not be why she's so happy! I was in a such a good mood to beat up Finn. Literally .up. At least she wasn't staying for dinner, she would have a blast.

We make it outside of the doors, and I hear some laughing to my left. I don't bother to look.

"Hey Cherry!" I walk on, and glance over to see Jann with his usual friends. I wave at him, and walk on. I wasn't in the mood dick-head. I hear-well I hear nothing. A silence where the laughing came from. Good thing too. I look for my car. I swear it was right there. Huh? Where was my prized car?

"So" Milly says clapping her hands together. "Where's your car" well she didn't sound worried.

"Fucking tow truck!" I say loudly, stomping my foot.

"You parked illegally?" Milly says, smiling.

"YES. I was parked here." I say pointing, "Right fucking here! Stupid wheelchair" I mutter. I look down at Milly, and chuckle, not at all happy.

"I'll call my Mom" She says pulling out her flip-phone.

"Oh. Do you mind coming over another time? I'm really not in the mood." I say shuffling thru my purse to find my keys. They were there. She looks up at me,

"Uh, what about you?" She asks, mid way with her phone to her ear.

"I'll get a ride with Jann or something" I say, knowing that was not going to work out. She shrugs,

"K" We walk over to a bench near a trash can. Hear we go. Her Mom answers, and says she'll be hear in 5 minutes. Then I had to hang out by myself until I had the courage to ask someone for a ride. All the boys were still there. I put my face in my hands, letting my hair droop over my face. We sit in silence, it was nice really. Until Milly lightly taps my shoulder,

"See you!" She says getting up, just as a white Ford drives up. I wave to her. But before I know it, I see a cute guy in the driver's seat. Who was he? I thought she said her mom was picking her up. Anyway, that boy had the cutest dimples, oh wow! They drive off. Sadness once more. I finally get bored, and walk over to Jann and his group of friends.

"Hey" I mumble, leaning against the brick school wall.

"Hi, what's the good word?" He asks smirking. I look up him, blinking.

"No good word all day" I mutter. "I need some action. Some coffee, something" I say rubbing my eyes. The school door opens, I don't look up. I just rest me head in my hands, and slide down the brick wall until I'm sitting cross-legged on the ground. I groan….until I hear a deep manly voice above me. I jump a little,

"HIefwb Cheryuoooub" It was all fuzzy. I was not in the mood to talk….or hear anything. "Cherry!?" I hear Jann's voice.

"Huh?" I say looking up at him. And then I look up to see Aaron. So he was the fuzzed up words?

"Aaron says "hello"!" Jann says smiling.

"Oh. Sorry…hi" I say, putting my hands back on my palms. "I've been having a fucked-up day" I mumble loudly. Aaron sits down next to me.

"I heard someone put wet tampons in Marissa's back-pack" Aaron says smiling, trying to cheer me up. I look at him, smiling. He gives me a questioned look, I break out laughing. Aaron joins me, and touches my knee,

"Cherry tell me! What's going on!" He says laughing. I look at him,

"She's not after to me is she?" I ask, calming down.

"I can't think of a better person TO be after" He says smirking at me. He had no clue.

"It was Milly" I say, almost saying who she was. Knowing that Aaron didn't know about her.


"Yeah, she's my friend." I say, picking a piece of grass peeking out of a crack in the sidewalk.

"I need to meet this girl" He says, looking at me. Jann was talking to his buddies, but most of them had left.

"Hey guys. We have to be off campus" Jann says looking down at us. I look up at him, then stand up. But before I know it, an angry Marissa comes storming out of the school. She looked at Aaron, giving him a small smirk, and then back on me. Aaron frowning, following her with his eyes. I turn to her, and smile. This was going to be fun!

"Cherry…you were the one who did that trick on me weren't you?" She says pointing a finger at me. I look at her, wide-eyed.

"What does it matter, you deserve it" I say, looking her straight in the eye.

"What did I EVER do to you! Hm? Cherry, what are you talking about?" She says, screeching a little, "Oh! Let me guess….is it about Aaron?" She says, giving a fake smile to him, he still frowns.

"No Marissa, it has NOTHIING to do with him. We all know you are not open to being friends with anyone other than your little clique." I scoff, getting more annoyed by the moment.

"Cherry, you merely did NOT give me a chance. This has nothing to do with them- you're the brat here!" She scowls, throwing her arms out to her sides. I grin,

"Whatever Marissa. I don't care what you think of me, but all I know is that I will never like you unless you act a little more mature." I say shaking my head. She was a little baby sometimes.

"Wh-" She starts, I finish,

"And I did NOT do it" I say, sighing. I sit back down next to Aaron. She storms off,

"OH YEAH, AND I FORGOT. YOU TWO MAKE A GREAT COUPLE" She yells. I O my mouth, and look at Aaron. He was looking at me,