Hello~! I'm sorry, but I deleted 'The Amazon and The God'. I just didn't feel enthusiastic about having to write a new chapter. I'm sorry if some of you actually liked it. BUT, her's a new story I hope you'll like~!

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Rowan Sage sat with her chin in her palm, waiting for Lijepoa Razlikujer to finish looking over their job. Rowan cast a glance at Thalia Mercer.

Thalia was 17 and lean, had long black straight hair with a red streak going through one of her bangs, pale blue eyes, thin eyebrows, slightly pale and a small nose. All in all, she was very pretty, making it easier for them to do their jobs.

On her shoulder was a '15'. She had once told them that that was how old she was when she had to kill her boyfriend because of her job.

She wore a gray tank top, showing off two jagged scars on her right and left arm with black shorts and her ankle boots. Thalia stood at 5'8 and could be intimidating when she wanted to be. Thalia earned herself the nickname, 'Deadpool'. She had the same exact weapons as the character and his personality, only she read a lot.

Lijepoa, or Li, was also 17. She had slightly curly dark brown hair and forest green eyes. Li had high cheekbones and full lips, which most men always took the liberty to stare at. She was 5'8 and could melt in with the crowd, even at her height.

Li was wearing a crème colored shirt and a light brown skirt, perfectly complimenting her dark skin tone and also very pretty. Rewarded with the nickname, 'deadly Beauty', she had people fleeing with just that.

Rowan was 16, the youngest. She had black hair that went to her knees, but almost always wore it in a high ponytail that stopped at her waist. She had unnatural gold eyes and a tan. She had a scar going from her right eyebrow to her cheek. Rowan was 5'6 and knew how to move silently.

Rowan was wearing a black jacket, a purple tank top and black short with fishnet stockings. On her feet were black combat boots that hid her secret knife. She had a lip ring and had a '6' tattooed on the side of her back.

Rowan had told her team that it was the date of the day she had to kill her parents because they were on the list of people she had to kill. She was known as 'Princess Frost', for her beauty and coldness to anyone she didn't like.

Thalia sighed and prodded Li with her finger and whined, "Li, hurry up! I'm bored and I wanna have fun!"

Li sighed and swatted Thalia's hand away. "Shut up ,Thalia."

Looking over at Rowan, she kicked her under the table. Rowan grunted and looked at Li. "What?"

Li smiled and continued, "Now that I have everyone's attention, here's what our job is: Our target lives in Portland, Oregon. His name is Marcus Hill and has done numerous things to piss of our client."

This earned a snicker from both Thalia and Rowan. "Don't they always?" Rowan said sarcastically, rolling her eyes and yawning.

Li frowned at them and continued, "His age is 17 and he likes to…" Li raised an eyebrow and laughed.

"What? What does it say?!" Rowan and Thalia asked curiously, trying to peer over the paper that was shaking form Li's laughter.

Li wiped tears from her eyes and grinned. "It says, and I quote, 'Likes to get laid with fine babes and get high.'"

They all burst out laughing and fell to the floor. Li was the first to recover, followed by Thalia and lastly Rowan, who kept laughing whenever she thought about it.

Thalia grinned and leaned over the table. "So, we're moving to Portland? Do we just kill him or….?"

Rowan stood and snatched the paper out of Li's lands. "Nah. It says we have to get dirt on him to make sure he's the guy and we have to…what?! There's no fucking way I'm going back to high school!"

Thalia jerked up from her seat and looked at the paper. There it was, in plain English, saying that they would have to go to his high school and watch him.

"The hell? We aren't no babysitters, why are we 'watching' him?" she yelled, curling her fingers in the air when she said 'watching'.

"Well, if it's what the client said we have to do, than we have to do it." Li said after inspecting the paper.

"I don't want to go back to school! Not going to school was one of the things I liked about being a mercenary!"

Thalia hit her chest with her fist and declared, "I take orders from no one, so I'm not doing that job!"

Li raised an eyebrow and replied, "Oh? Well, then how are you going to eat, Ms. 'I-don't-take-orders-from-anyone?"

Thalia's chest deflated and she reluctantly nodded her head. "Fine, I'll do the fucking job…."

"I guess I have no choice either then…." Rowan mumbled in defeat, falling back into the chair.

Suddenly, the door slammed open and men in suits with guns came rushing in. While all three jumped up and grabbed their weapons, it was Thalia that yelled, "Aw, shit. It's the fez!"

Rowan pulled the sword from its sheath on her back and sliced a cop's chest. She whirled around to face Thalia and screamed, "No, really? I THOUGHT IT WAS FUCKING SANTA CLAUS!"

Thalia shot a bullet straight through a cop's temple and screeched back, "HEY! THERE'S NO NEED FOR SARCASM!"

Li threw a knife and it hit a cop in the throat. "Both of you, JUST SHUT UP!"

They all fell silent. More and more came pouring in, it was never-ending…until Thalia got a plan, of course.

She grinned and reached for a grenade that was stashed on her belt. Pulling the end off and throwing it, she yelled, "In coming!"

Rowan and Li instantly knew she had done something stupid and made a break for the window. All three crashed through the window and fell into rose bushes.

"Ow! Ouch! Son of a bitch!" Rowan howled as she tried to untangle herself from the bush.

"Fuck!" Thalia said as she face planted into the ground, having untangled herself first.

She then jumped to her feet and said happily, "Let's do that again~!"

Li stood up and groaned. Glaring at Thalia, Li growled, "At least warn us next time! You could've killed us!"

Thalia turned and returned the glare. "I did!"

"Say it before you throw the freakin' bomb next time!"

"It wasn't a bomb! It was a grenade!"

A grunt from behind them seized their argument. Rowan had just punched a man in the face and was now wrestling to get three men off of her.

Thalia and Li narrowed their eyes and went into pyscho-crazy-best-friend mode. Thalia tackled the one on top, leaving the second to Li. With only one left on top of her, Rowan bucked him off of her and kicked him in the gut.

Satisfied with the pain filled groan that ensued, Rowan turned to her friends. They had just knocked out the men and turned to look at her. Sharing one look, they all sprinted off to the right.

Jumping over fences, running through yards, they were trying to lose the cops.

"What the hell? We're mercenary's, not serial killers!" Rowan said and threw her hands up in the air.

They were resting in an alleyway, having lost the cops for now. Li grunted in agreement and Thalia said, "Well, if you think about it, technically we killed innocent people."

Rowan blinked and thought about it. Shrugging, she replied, "I guess you're-"

"Give me your money!" a voice from the end of the alley yelled.

They turned their heads and saw a hobo shakily walking towards them. They all raised an eyebrow and thought, 'What an idiot…'

Li was the first to recover and, being the kind person she was, said calmly, "Sir, please walk away. We don't want to hurt you."

Li and Rowan heard Thalia mutter under her breath, "Screw that. We should mug him because he even tried to mug us."

Rowan elbowed her in the ribs, effectively shutting Thalia up. The man frantically looked from each of them and pointed his knife at Rowan. Grabbing her by the ponytail, he yanked her in front of him and held the knife at her throat.

Rowan sighed and muttered, "This would happen to me, huh?"

The hobo pressed the knife tighter into her throat and repeated, "Give me your money!"

Thalia and Li glanced at each other and laughed. This caused the homeless man to grow more irritated and frightened.

"Shut up and give me everything you've got!"

Rowan sighed heavily and rolled her head to the side to look at Li. "Do I have permission to act?"

The leader of the team nodded and grinned. "Kick his ass."

Rowan's frown turned into a full blown grin and she threw her head back, the back of her skull smashing into the man's nose. He let out a cry of pain and let her go, stumbling back into the cement wall.

Rowan turned and gave the man a grin that showed her white teeth. "So, old man, you wanna go a few rounds?"

The hobo's eyes widened in fear and he screamed as he ran away. Rowan sighed and rubbed her neck. When she pulled her hand back, she saw a smudge of red.

Sighing, she looked at Li and asked, "How are we getting to Oregon?"

"By car." Li said bluntly.

"What if we run out of gas?" Thalia asked, her brows scrunched up in thought.

Li smiled and dug something out of her pocket. Pulling her hand out, Li flashed a credit card. Thalia and Rowan stared at the card in awe.

"Don't worry about it. The client gave it to us for the job." Li explained after seeing their expressions go from awe to confusion.

"All right then. Let's go~!" Thalia sang as she marched down the alley.

"We're gonna have to steal a car, huh?" Rowan whispered to Li.

Li nodded sadly and followed behind Thalia.

When they finally found a car, it was a Honda Civic and it was brand new.

'Poor suckers…' Thalia thought as she hot-wired the car.

After 5 minutes, the car turned on and they drove off.