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Chapter One

Call Me when Life Stops Sucking

"We need all our best players out here tonight, boys. We have to get pumped for it! I'm going to have you all come in an hour in early so we can train right before the game. We can NOT let the Gryphons win this game! Do ya'll want to win the tournament? Or ya'll gon' sit on your butts, playin' Xbox and eatin' Crappy O's." Coach always called Choco's 'Crappy O's'. I don't know why. None of us even ate Choco's. Us being the football team, The Dragons, of Flyersburg. We were the best football team in the whole County. "Ya'll hear me?"

"Yes, Coach!" we all yelled. It's a respect thing here in Flyersburg, you don't respect the adults, it's almost like murder.

"Awrite! Now get your sorry butts home and rest before the game!"

"Yes, Coach!" I called again.

"Get out!" We all crowded out of the locker room. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and hit the speed dial button, number 7.

"Cole! Get your butt over here and drive me to the mall!" I caledl into the phone.

"Bro! Nathan! Where you at, boy?" Cole shouted back equally loudlly.

"Football field, man! Football field!"

"Awh yeauh! I feel like seeing the cheerleaders!"

"Just get over here." I pressed the end button and turned around at the sounds of giggles. Savannah and Tory were standing behind me.

"Hey girls. Savannah. Tory." More giggles. Ugh.

"Um, like, hi, Nathan!" Tory smiled. She's got big boobs, but that's about all she's got going for her. She's super skinny, you can practically see her tendons stretching under her legs. She looks like a scarecrow, and she dyes her waist-length hair a new shade of either blonde, blue, pink, or red every other week, so her hair is so brittle, it almost falls out when she brushes it. This week her hair was hot pink with neon blue streaks. Maybe it was supposed to look pretty, but it made her look stupid. Savannah was much prettier, with dirty blonde hair that stops off at her shoulders. She's not super-skinny, but she's not chubby either. She's kinda in the middle, but it's not bad on her.

"Hey, Nathan?" Savannah started. I nodded acknowledging her. She blushed. "I was wondering, if you'd want to, ummmm, go to a movie with me?"

I didn't want to say yes, but I didn't want to break her heart and say no. Luckily, at that point, Cole drove up and honked. His beat-up red convertable was hideous, but he had a car and a liscense, and I needed a ride to school. None the less, I nick-named it the Junker.

"Nathan, get your butt in my ride!" He called. Then, the one-track-minded Cole noticed the girls. He ruffled his hair and jerked his head upwards. "Hey, Babies! How's it goin'?" I groaned mentally. He is such a dork.

"Ew? Is Cole talking to us?" Savannah said, disgusted. He has an extremely bad reputation with girls... I don't really want to explain.

"Hey, girls? I'm sorry, I have to go. See ya' around okay?" Giggles. I wanted to puke up blood. I hate the prissy-priss girls who giggle at anything. And I mean literally anything. For example, one time my older brother, Ross, went out with a priss who had a major, obvious crush on him. They had a date at home, our extremely nice beach house. Ross had prepared, or should I say demanded Mom to prepare, a salad and spaghetti. The chick had some huge thing of spinach stuck between her two cheap whitening-strip whitened front teeth. The rest of them were also obviously cheaply whitened, just so you know. My brother had tried to play it cool, you know, ignore it. But it drove him crazy, since everytime she spoke, or giggled, it wobbled like crazy. So he tried to point it out, and she giggled like crazy. He told her he was serious. She giggled some more. So he told her if she couldn't be mature enough to get food out of her teeth, then they couldn't date anymore, because it'd be like a babysitting assignment instead of a relationship. So... She giggled, but tears flew to her eyes. He lost it and told her to beat it. Never saw her again. Ross helped me realize that those girls were shallow and immature, and need their vocal cords removed permanantly. Okay, so the last one may be violent, but I'm a guy. Ross is a guy. Heck even you're a guy! Okay, maybe not but still.

I walked over to the car and hopped over the door. Cole started off down the street.

"Bro!" He calls over the wind. The top is broken and stays down eternally. It got jammed when his dad got really mad at him for making straight F's on his report card. This is the reason he's not on the football team. But anyway, his dad threw a hammer at his junker, while the hood was down. It hit the lever and bent it up really badly. It made a grinding noise as he hit the button to make it come upwards. "Why were you hanging with those hot chicks? Dude! You should have invited me over there!"

"Dude," I sighed. "They hate you." He's oblivious to the world of girls.

"I know!" Maybe not as oblivious as I had thought. "But maybe, one day maybe, I can get them to fall for me!" Extremely oblivious.

We drove in silence the rest of the way to the mall. I didn't really have anything I wanted to say at the time. He cruised up to the front entrance. Cole hopped over the side of the door, but got slammed back by his seatbelt. Idiot. I, being normal and having nothing to prove, open the door and step out simply, my blond hair being a nuisance and flying into my eyes. I listen to the slap of Cole's toe shoes hit the ground, and hear the quiet shhhh of my own black beat-up Converse as they quietly pad down the parking lot. I pulled on the metal bar to open the door, and stood aside as some girls, younger than me; maybe fourteen, walked out.

"Thanks!" The girl in the back said. She had dark brown hair, and didn't have nasty dyes in her hair like the other girls did, who had purple, green, and neon pink hair. The only sign of dye were highlights a strawberry-blonde color that looked surprisingly natural. I wouldn't of been able to tell if my sister, Sovryn, didn't always go and dye her hair a different color every other month. She has come home with so many highlights, I can name every single dye name and color just from listening to her conversations on the phone.

"No problem." I said. Cole, the walking disaster, yet still my best friend, came up behind me and slapped me on the back.

"Bro! Manners aren't required at the mall! Don't go respecting your youngers, or whatever..." He trailed off. The girl blushed. I made the cuckoo sign so she didn't feel embarrassed of my freak show friend. She giggled and ran to catch her friends.

"Come on, stupid. Let's go to the food court. I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry! And don't call me stupid, stupid!"

"I'm always hungry 'cuz I'm always doing something! Unlike you, who prefers to sit on his skinny butt and play Xbox!"

"I'm not dead yet! And it's a great plan! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but if it IS broke, use duct tape."

"That's actually pretty smart."

"I know!" He puffed out his chest proudly. We passed by the Hot Topic store, which always gave me chills. Maybe it was just the stuff they sold there, but Forever 21 gave me the same chills; possibly because the things they sell there look like they belong at a skanky sideshow on the streets of Vegas. A black T-shirt in the window showed a slogan, one that reminded me of basically any day in the past month. It proclaimed Call Me When Life Stops Sucking. I liked that. I slipped my phone out of my pocket and wrote that down. Call me when life stops sucking. Then I pressed Send. Savannah should be getting the message soon. Maybe she will realize I'm not into her like that. But really, who am I into?

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