Kelly remembered the first and last doll she ever got. She had just turned 4 and it was the only present she got that year. It looked like most porcelain dolls and although it was second hand bought and almost 10 years old it looked brand new. The pure white dress was stainless and her soft blonde hair was still in perfect position.

Kelly squealed with delight when she ripped the wrapping paper off to her it was the most wonderful thing in the world,

She had never had a doll, she had seen them in the stores though, and she would stare through the window of stores in awe. It was the perfect doll and the doll knew it.

Kelly had hugged her mommy's legs as she thanked her over and over and over again. Her mommy had knelt down to the girl's height and hugged her. "What are you going to name her?

Kelly pondered it for a moment with a serious expression on her face as though it was the most important decision she would ever make. Kelly finally grinned up at her mommy.

"Jill" Kelly hugged her doll tightly "Your name will be Jill."

Jill just stared ahead with her blank eyes. The small smile on her lips seemed too widened as though it approved its new name.

And as it was, Jill was the perfect name.

Kelly sighed in her sleep that night as she hugged Jill closer. The moon watched from the window as the doll blinked twice so fast if you hadn't watched closely you wouldn't have seen it at all. It snuggled down deeper into the crook of Kelly's neck and stared ahead at the wall. Had it even moved at all?